Weekday Aug 15 – 19 Only $169-$179(2BR More)

Weekend Aug 20 – 22 Only $169-$189(2BR More)

Weekday Aug 22- 26 Only $149-$169(2BR More)

New Sanitation Procedures

Affordable Reservations 609-492-6363

The BEST LBI Hotel or Motel VALUE on Beautiful Long Beach Island, NJ

Close Walking To Water On 3 Sides! 

We Help You Save Money And Have A Great LBI Vacation!

FREE Amenities Save Guests $50 – $125 Savings PER DAY Per Room


Welcome To Paradise – Families Welcome

LBI Weather Usually Is Sunny & Beautiful
(If Forecast Rain At This End- Mostly Wrong)

Weekdays June 20 – 24 ONLY $129 – 149
(Motel 1 Queen Bed -Or- 2 Queen Beds)
(2 BR Efficiencies – Cost A Little More)

Free Wi-Fi, FULL Refrigerator, Coffee Maker

4 BR 2 BA Weekly Rental House Sleeps 10

  • Spectacular Location – Close Walking Distance To Water 3 Sides
  • FREE Amenities SAVE Guests $50 – $125 Savings Per Day Per Room
  •  We Help You Save Money & Have A Great Long Beach Island Vacation!
  • The Best Long Beach Island Hotel Or Motel Value – Easy Reservations
  • FREE Continental Breakfast, Free Beach Badges,  Free Wi-Fi 
  • Full Refrigerator w/Top Freezer Saves Money On Food & Drinks
  • Courtyard With BBQ Area & 3 Gas Grills Saves A Lot Of Money On Food
  • Free Local Bicycles To Relax & Ride In Bicycle Lanes Close To Ocean
  • Kid’s Sandbox & Play Area In Courtyard – So You Can Watch Your Kids
  • Coffee Maker & Microwave In Every Room To Cook Or Re-Heat Food
  • Free Guaranteed Parking For 1 Vehicle in Our Parking Lot
  • PLUS 4 BR 2 BA Beach Rental House Sleeps 10 Across Street
  • Named One Of The Top 3 Motels On Long Beach Island 10 Times
  • Weekday And Weekend Specials Available From March – June.
  • Nearby Beach Has 2 Restrooms, Showers, A Deli & Free Parking
  • Sunday-Friday Specials 6 Days/5 Nights – Beat The LBI NJ Traffic
  • Quiet Side Street – Relax @ LBI Southern End – Laid Back Motel


4 BR Weekly Rental House Sleeps 10

LBI Weather Usually Is Sunny & Nice
(If Forecast Rain Here- Mostly WRONG)

Weekday June 20 – 24 ONLY $129- $149
(Motel 1 Queen Bed -Or- 2 Queen Beds)
(2 BR Efficiencies Cost A Little More)

  •     Spectacular Location Close Walking To Water 3 Sides
  •     FREE Amenities SAVE Guests $50- $125 Savings Per Day
  •    The Best Long Beach Island Hotel Or Motel Value
  •     Easy Reservations Please Call: 609-492-6363
  •     FREE Continental Breakfast Daily (In Season)
  •     Free Beach Badges, Free Wi-Fi, Room Coffee Makers 
  •     Full Refrigerator w/Freezer Saves $ On Food & Drinks
  •     Courtyard w/BBQ Area & 3 Gas Grills Saves $ On Food
  •     Free Local Bicycles To Relax & Ride In Bicycle Lanes
  •     Kids Sandbox/Play Area In Courtyard – Kids Near You
  •     Coffee Maker And Microwave In Every Room
  •     Free Guaranteed Parking For 1 Vehicle in Our P-Lot
  •     PLUS 4 BR 2 BA Beach Rental House Sleeps 10
  •     Ranked A Top 3 Long Beach Island Motel 10x’s
  •     Weekday And Weekend Specials From March – June
  •     Nearby Beach Restrooms, Showers, Deli, Free Parking
  •     Sun-Fri Deals 6 Days/5 Nights – Beat The LBI Traffic
  •     Quiet Side Street – LBI Southern End, Laid Back
(SOCIAL DISTANCING At Beautiful Beach Right Up The Street From Lorry’s Motel – FREE Bathrooms, Showers, Water Station, Grill & Deli, 100 Car Free Parking)


Lorry’s Island End Motel Is A Top 3 LBI Motel (10 Time Award Winner)

Lorry’s Is Open Year Round!
Weekday And Weekend Specials Available From March – June.
Lorry’s Offers Vacation Guests A Savings Of $50 – $125 Savings Per Day Per Room with All Of Our Free Amenities.
Stay at Lorry’s & Have An Affordable Fun Long Beach Island Motel Vacation.

3 Mile Wildlife Preserve

Ocean and Bay Views Nearby

1 Of God’s Most Beautiful Beaches

FREE: WiFi, Continental Breakfast, Beach Badges, Bicycles, & Boogie Boards. Very Close To The Beach And The Bay.

The Best LBI Hotel or Motel Value Laid Back Peaceful Family Area

Welcome to Long Beach Island

Lorry’s Motel Is Close Walking Distance To Water On 3 Sides – – Only 200  Yards To LBI Beach & The Bay – Just 1 Street To Wildlife Preserve Parking Lot

Best LBI Rental House Value
4 BR House Rental
4 BR Sleeps 10
Free Beach Badges, 5 TVs,  2 Full Fridges
Has Everything – But You & Your Family!
Includes All Bedding/Linens, Towels, Beach Towels & More
The Beach Is Very Close – Right Up The Street.
Open All Year Long!

Get Away & Really Relax
Summer is Almost Here
Make Reservations:


Make Your Affordable Lorry’s LBI Motel Reservation
Using Our Payment Plan While Your Dates Are Available
Affordable Sunday – Friday Specials 6 Full Days & 5 Nights

LBI House Rental 4 BR 2 BA  –  Best Rental House Value
We are Looking forward to seeing All Of Our Very Loyal Guests And Great Friends again.

“if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” The Bible – 2 Chronicles 7:14

Lorry’s LBI Motel Is Unique – No Other NJ Motel Is Like Lorry’s
Our Free Amenities Save Guests $50 – $125 Per Day (In Season)
The Beach is Right Up The Street Has Restrooms, Showers & Deli
Save Money Full Refrigerator W/Top Freezer, Microwave, BBQ Area
Free Continental Breakfast, Beach Badges, Wi-Fi, Bicycle & Boogie Boards

Get Away & Really Relax – Great Beaches, Great Fishing & Surfing
Serving Guests From Coast To Coast And Around The World

God’s Beautiful LBI Vacation with Water Nearby
200 Yards To The Beach or The Bay and enjoy the LBI Wildlife Preserve
Gorgeous Ocean & Bay Views

Lorry’s Looks Forward To Seeing You In 2020 God Willing. We Will Continue To Give You The Best LBI Hotel Or Motel Value, An Affordable Long Beach Island Vacation With ALL Of Our Free Amenities

Lorry’s LBI NJ Motel Helps Guests From 48 States & 44 Countries
Lorry’s Motel Is Open All Year

Check out the 4 BR House Rental

“I Never Thought I Would See The Day When The Bible Would Be Marginalized.”
Pastor David Jeremiah – San Diego

Blessed Is The Nation Whose God Is The Lord – – –  Psalm 33:12

Relax, Bike, Fish, Surf, Collect Shells

Only 200 Yards To The Long Beach Island Beach And Bay

Happy Guests

“Kevin, Kristin & her family (above) have been to Lorry’s Motel many times. Kristin says “We are super excited to come back to Lorry’s … I can’t wait !!! Well I will see you at the end of June !!! Talk to you soon!””
Jen E. from Pennsylvania (Above) works so hard doing all of her jobs in life, Her Doctor ordered her to get some LBI Vacation Rest and Relaxation.

Jen chose a Long Beach Island Vacation at Lorry’s Island End Motel to relax because of our peaceful laid back end of the island with beautiful uncrowded beaches and our Great LBI Motel Value.

An Original Poem Below By Guest Cindy Czarnecki

It Is God Who Created The Sunrise And Sunset;
With Breathtaking Beauty Over Sea Or Inlet;
It Is God Who Put The Waves In Motion;
Blessed Be Our God Who Made The Sun & Ocean !

“Dear Bill,

I had the most wonderful time while staying at Lorry’s Motel on Monday and Tuesday. Thank you for a much needed 2 day retreat. While there I spent alot of time just meditating on the miracle that God created in the Ocean.

The trip inspired me to write the attached poem and add one of the beautiful sunrise pictures I took and make it into something that could be printed and hung on a wall. Please feel free to use it on your website or to hang it up at Lorry’s. I haven’t tapped into my poetry writing or photography talents for many years.

Thank you for being God’s vessel through which he brought that gift back to
me. I will never forget what you did for me and will keep you & your wonderful
piece of paradise in my prayers always. I will send more pictures soon. Thanks
again and God Bless you!

Cindy Czarnecki”

Reservations: 609-492-6363

It’s Going To Be A Great LBI Vacation!

Let’s Plan Your Adventure!