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 Lorry’s Deposit Policy To Make A LBI Reservation

Every Guest that vacations at Lorry’s Motel has a different budget, so a one size Deposit & Payment Policy is not helpful to our Guests. So, please feel free to let us know what deposit and payment plan works for you.

Our standard deposit is vacations of 3 days or more a minimum 50% deposit is needed. If you are staying 2 days or less the full payment is necessary.

As an option, we have found that some LBI Guests want to pay Lorry’s Motel in a couple of payments – or set up a payment schedule.

We are happy to try to help you. This way you can make your reservations at Lorry’s Motel while there is availability and make your Long Beach Island Vacation happen. Then you can relax that you have the dates and/or room you want at Lorry’s LBI Motel before it is booked by someone else.

Also, other Lorry’s Guests want to pay the full amount in 1 payment, so when they arrive at Lorry’s Motel they have a vacation that is already paid for and check-in is much quicker after traveling.

Everyone Needs A Vacation to get away and relax (And I Do Too).

Please let Lorry’s Motel know if our payment options will help you by calling us or by E-mail and tell us how we can help you with your payments or a payment schedule – and make your LBI reservation while it is still available.

Please call Lorry’s Island End Motel 609-492-6363 or E-mail us at:  Lorry\'s@Lorry\'

When Should We Make Our LBI Reservations ?

We always advise everyone to make your reservations As Soon As Possible at Lorry’s Island End Motel, The Best LBI Hotel Or Motel Value On Beautiful Long Beach Island, NJ.

Some of Lorry’s LBI Guests make their reservation 1 year in advance, some guests make their reservation a few days before they come or even the day they are coming. Lorry’s always suggests to make your reservation as soon as possible to get the dates you want before they are gone.

In 2013 after Hurrican Sandy, Thank God Lorry’s Motel re-opened as quickly as possible and we had a very good year helping approximately 2,000 Guests have an Affordable LBI Vacation. We would like to Thank all of Lorry’s Motel Guests and Friends that supported us after Hurrucane Sandy and we look forward to seeing you in 2014 and after.. Thank You!

Lorry’s Island End Motel has had many record seasons. In 2010 our 21st season, Lorry’s Motel Had Another Great Year and we thank our thousands of LBI Guests from 48 states and 44 foreign countries for your business. Lorry’s Motel received between 50 – 150 phone calls and e-mails per day in sesaon.

In 2009, Lorry’s Island End Motel again set another new record of 68 days in a row without an opening.

In 2008, Lorry’s Motel set a new record of 65 out of 67 days in a row without an opening !

In 2007, we tied our record of 54 days in a row without an opening !

Please call 609-492-6363 or e-mail Lorry\'s@Lorry\' to make your LBI reservations.

In the last 5 years there are 175 Total Less Motel Rooms on LBI, NJ (8 motels gone) since not only the Quaterdeck Motel, Ebb Tide Motel, and Mussel Beach Club are gone, but 100 additional motel rooms on LBI, NJ were converted to condos or torn down for high end houses, as the demand for housing on LBI, NJ is great.

Lorry’s Island End Motel Still Remains Affordable, as there are a number of LBI Hotels and LBI Motels and B & B’s on Long Beach Island, NJ that range from $300 – $500 Per Day in season. So please make your Affordable LBI Vacation Reservations at Lorry’s Motel As Soon As Possible.

Lorry’s Motel Looks Forward To Helping You Have a Great Vacation On Beautiful Long Beach Island, NJ.

Thank You,

Bill Hutson
Lorry’s Owner