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Wildlife Preserve

LBI Wildlife Preserve Near Lorry’s Motel: This Is The Phenominal 3 Mile Wildlife Preserve Near Lorry’s Island. End LBI Motel On Beautiful Long Beach Island, NJ. Our Motel/Rental House Close Walking Distance To Water On 3 Sides

Wildlife Preserve Where You Can Experience The Most Relaxing & Serene Feeling

Lorry’s Long Beach Island Motel has Guests from 48 States and 44 Countries Around The World that visit Long Beach Island & see the LBI Wildlife Preserve Beach, because God’s Views Are Scenic And Spectacular.

The Wildlife Preserve Beach Is One Of God’s Most Beautiful Beaches In The United States with the Ocean on one side and the Bay on the other side. A Free 100 Car Parking Lot at the beach for The Wildlife Preserve is only 1 street away from Lorry’s Motel. Very few beaches anywhere in New Jersey have the great amenities found at The Wildlife Preserve Beach that makes your LBI vacation so much easier and more relaxing.

Free 100 Car Wildlife Preserve Parking Lot OPEN
The New 100 Car Free Parking Lot Is Thankfully A Little Bigger And Better Since Long Beach Island Rebuilt After Hurrican Sandy!

The LBI Wildlife Preserve (Below) Is A Secluded 3 Mile Beach Only 1 Short Street From Lorry’s Long Beach Island Motel at the southern tip Of LBI, NJ – which faces,The Atlantic City Casino Skyline. On a clear day you can see the casinos in the ,distance. On a clear night you can see the beautiful night skyline of the casinos.

Dolphins Can Be Seen Occasionally!  
The 3 Dolphins Are Having Some Fun Near The LBI Wildlife Preserve
Very Close To Lorry’s Island End Motel.

Sea Gulls Enjoying A Crab Snack At LBI Wildlife Preserve

You will love this scenic, relaxing and peaceful LBI beach that has lots of wildlife. Lorry’s Motel encourages you to visit and enjoy this beach as Very Few People Know It Exists.

The LBI Wildlife Preserve Beach Is A Must See. You will continue to come back many times to visit this scenic LBI beach on Beautiful Long Beach Island, NJ. Lorry’s has a number of Guests that vacation at Lorry’s Motel 2 – 4 times a year.

LBI Wildlife Preserve Free 100 Car Parking, Bathrooms &Showers
(Some Of The Best Free Amenities At The LBI Beach Found Anywhere In NJ)• Free 100 car parking lot Right At The Beach – in a few steps on the beach
• Handicap Parking spots are available near the bathrooms
• Inside handicap accessable bathrooms for men & women (in season)
• In the off season bathrooms available are Port-A-Johns
• Enclosed outside showers to shower and/or change clothes
• Handicap ramp that enables wheelchairs to the Beach if needed
• Free Beachwheels (picture below) helps disabled- Free from LBT Beach Patrol
   • Free Gator (picture below) helps disabled onto Beach – Free from LBT
   • Benches right on the beach to relax and enjoy the scenic views
• Wildlife descriptions and photos to explain the wildlife available
• Bicycle racks to park your bicycle while you are enjoying the area
• Deli – Bowker’s South Beach Deli & Grill Across The Street

LBI Map – Lorry’s Motel Located At The End Of Long Beach Island

Jennifer E. Celebrating She Made It All 3 Miles To The End

You Have To Visit The LBI Wildlife Preserve At Least Once In Your Life.
That is why Jennifer is jumping for joy that she made it to the 3 mile end and loves her LBI vacation at this southern tip of the island.

The spectacular southern tip of the Preserve is 3 miles long and certainly One Of God’s Most Scenic Beaches in the U.S. with the ocean on one side and the bay on the other side and the Atlantic City Casinos in the distance. If you go to the end and stand at the edge of the water, you will think it is just you and God as you will have only the ocean and bay scenery on 3 sides. It feels like you are standing in the middle of the ocean. The LBI Wildlife Preserve is One Of The Most Relaxing And Peaceful Scenic Places On Earth.


The Beautiful Natonal Wildlife Preserve on Long Beach Island, NJ is a 3 mile section of LBI Beach Specifically For The Nesting Of The Birds And Protection Of The Wildlife. From April 1 until sometime around Labor Day this 3 mile beach is mostly closed to the public for the nesting of the birds, starting at the 2 signs side by side in the distance you see in the above picture.

Please Note, The 1st 500 Feet of The Wildlife Preserve Is Open Year Round and also the Nature Trail into/thru The Wildlife Preserve is open year round. In addition, there are miles of other LBI Beaches next to and near The Wildlife Preserve that are very close To Lorry’s Island End Motel on Beautiful Long Beach Island, NJ.

There are Many Species Of Birds that can be seen along the entire length of The Wildlife Preserve. Some of the species of birds that have been seen are as follows: Atlantic Brant Ducks, American Black Ducks, Egrets, Herons, Ibis, Piping Plovers, Great Blue Herons, Clapper Rails, Willets, Peregrine Falcons, Ospreys, Bald Eagles, Black Skimmers, Least Terns, Songbirds, Woodcocks, Yellow-Rumped Warblers, Red-Winged Blackbirds, Snow Geese, Cedar Waxwings, Glossy Ibis, and the Blue Winged Teals. Also, one of the most spectacular birds in the LBI Wildlife Preserve is the American Oystercatcher.

Of course their are also many Sea Gulls to be seen and heard. There are more species to be seen, but these are the ones that have been documented and are commonly sighted throughout the Beautiful LBI Wildlife Preserve on Long Beach Island, NJ. Everyone Should See The Phenominal LBI Wildlife Preserve Beach on Long Beach Island, NJ At Least Once In Their Lifetime.

Lorry’s Owner Fell In Love With This LBI Area And Bought Lorry’s Motel. AND The 4 BR 2 BA (Sleeps 10) Long Beach Island Rental House Very Conveniently Right Across The Street From Lorry’s Island End Motel. This serene LBI setting provides a beautiful intake of One Of God’s Most Beautiful Beaches with the scenery and the natural sounds of the ocean and the bay, including the beautiful songs of the wildlife surrounding you while you are there. You Will Love To Go To The Wildlife Preserve On Long Beach Island, NJ As It Is Very Relaxing.

Lorry’s Motel Would Like To Thank Our LBI Guest Bill Palmer of Bergen County, for the Great Wildlife Preserve pictures of the American Oystercatcher and Black Skimmer.