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 LBI Beaches Near Lorry’s Island End Motel

Lorry’s Motel is located at the Beautiful Southern Long Beach Island, NJ Tip
Only 200 yards from the LBI Beach & 200 yards from the Bay
Close Walking Distance To Water On 3 Sides Of Lorry’s Island End Motel.

Thankfully Lorry’s Phenomenal Location brings our Guests From 48 States and
44 Counties Around The World.
We Look Forward To Helping You To Have A Great Vacation At Our LBI Motel.
Bill Hutson – Owner Lorry’s Island End Motel

Long Beach Island Was Named One Of New Jersey’s Top 10 Beaches

New Jersey's Top Ten Beaches

Beautiful Clean New Jersey Ocean

Beautiful Ocean Beach Up The Street From Lorry’s Island End Motel

Atlantic City Close By In The Distance
AC Casinos In Distance From LBI Wildlife Beach Near Lorry’s

3.5 Mile Long Sandy Wildlife Preserve Beach
3 Mile Gorgeous Wildlife Preserve Beach Near Lorry’s Motel

Calm Bay Beach Near Lorry's Island End Motel

Calm Swimming Bay Beach Close To Lorry’s w/Kid’s Playground