BeachWheel For Disabled

Free Helpful Beach Wheels


What Does A Free Long Beach Island Beach Wheel Do?

A LBI Beach Wheel is an outdoor PVC chair with Very Big Wheels that costs about $1,600. They are donated by charitable people and organizations who are interested in helping people who are injured, disabled, or have a hard time walking – still be able to enjoy the beach by being easily wheeled right onto the beach and down to the water’s edge.

There are 42 Beach Wheels available from Long Beach Township by calling 609-361-1200  -OR-  609-361-1210 and making a reservation for a Beach Wheel.. We politely suggest you make your Beach Wheel Reservation IN ADVANCE Of Your LBI Vacation since the LBI Beach Wheels are in big demand.

If you have any questions or problems reserving your Long Beach Township Beach Wheel, please call Bill Hutson (Lorry’s Motel Owner) on his cell phone at 609-492-6363 and he will be happy to help you reserve your Free Beach Wheel.