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LBI Surfing

Long Beach Island, NJ Has Great LBI Surfing

Surfers Having Lots Of Fun Near Lorry’s Motel On Long Beach Island

Lorry’s Island End Motel has 5 Great Surfing Beaches near Lorry’s. There are 15 LBI Surf Shops on the 18 miles of Long Beach Island. Lessons And Surf Board Rentals Available Nearby (All Ages). Surfers Can Walk To The Long Beach Island Forsythe Wildlife Preserve Beach Near Lorry’s Island End Motel. Surfers Can Walk To The Wildlife Preserve Beach Near Lorry’s Motel

Walk To The Nearby LBI Surfing Beach

Lorry’s Island End Motel is located in a great LBI location only 200 yards to the beach and 200 yards to the bay. Long Beach Island is very narrow at this end of the island and surfers can walk up the street to one of the best LBI surfing beaches. Local surfers tell Lorry’s Motel that our end has the best Long Beach Island surfing beaches.

Also, At The Beach Near Lorry’s LBI Motel are FREE amenities necessary to make your day go smoother such as:
1) Free 100 car parking lot right where you surf
2) 3 enclosed showers to change
3) Bathrooms for men & women
4) Bowker’s South Beach Grille & Deli to eat at the beach
5) A Handicap Ramp makes the LBI beach easier to access

Surf Board Rentals Are Available Near Lorry’s Motel
Bowker’s South Beach Grill nearby at the Beach has LBI surf board rentals available for Lorry’s Motel Guests to rent – and also they have bicycle rentals. We Look Forward To Helping You Have A Great LBI Surfing Vacation On Beautiful Long Beach Island.

5 LBI Surfing Beaches Very Close to Lorry’s Motel

• The Wildlife Preserve Beach
The Parking Lot is only 1 street from Lorry’s Island End Motel on LBI, NJ.
Walk To The Wildlife Preserve Beach From Lorry’s Motel.
Walk up our street (Washington Ave.) and make a right and go thru the parking lot into the ocean and start surfing. Local surfers say The Best Long Beach Island Surfing Beach is the Wildlife Preserve Beach near Lorry’s Motel.
• Jacqueline Avenue Beach
Only 6 Streets (.3 of a mile) from Lorry’s Island End Motel on LBI.
You can walk up our street (Washington Avenue) and make a left on Long Beach Blvd. and walk only 6 streets (or drive) to Jacqueline Avenue Beach and surf.
• Nelson Avenue Beach
23 streets (1.2 miles) from Lorry’s Island End Motel.
• Leeward Avenue Beach
25 streets (1.3 miles) from Lorry’s Island End Motel.
• Holyoke Beach
32 streets (1.7 miles) from Lorry’s Island End Motel on LBI

Note: Long Beach Island is great for surfers. There are over 40 LBI surfing beaches on Long Beach Island, NJ and 21 dedicated surfing beaches in Long Beach Township as follows:

1) Holgate Beach 66- Susan/Rosemma

2) Nelson Avenue – Beach Haven Inlet

3) 14th Street – North Beach Haven

4) 21st Street – North Beach Haven

5) 25th Street – North Beach Haven

6) 32nd Street – Brant Beach

7) 43rd Street – Brant Beach

8) 48th Street – Brant Beach

9) 59th Street – Brant Beach

10) 65th Street – Brant Beach

11) 72nd Street – Brant Beach

12) 82nd Street – Brighton Beach

13) 85th Street – Brighton Beach

14) 93rd Street – Peahala Park

15) 99th Street – Beach Haven Park

16) 110th Street – Haven Beach

17) 118th Street – Haven Beach

18) 122nd Street – The Dunes

19) 127th St. (Dune Lane) – The Dunes

20) Tract 65 North – North Beach

21) Tract 65 South – North Beach

Long Beach Island, NJ Surf Shops (15)


1) Acme Surf & Sport

2) Acme Beach & Bike

3) Beach Nuts LBI

4) Brighton Beach Surf Shop

5) Chuck Barfoot’s LBI Surf Shop
609-492-SHOP (7467)

6) Farias’ Surf Shop
Ship Bottom 609-494-7368

7) Farias’ Surf Shop Outlet Store
Ship Bottom 609-494-7368

8) Farias’ Surf Shop
Surf City 609-494-8616

9) Farias’ Surf Shop
Beach Haven 609-492-0200

10) Island Surf Classic Surf Shop

11) Ron Jon’s LBI Surf Shop
Ship Bottom 609-494-8844

12) South End Surf ‘N Paddle
Beach Haven 609-492-8823

13) Surf Shack Surf Shop

14) Surf Unlimited

15) Wave Hog Surf Shop
Ship Bottom 609-494-1040

Long Beach Island, NJ Surfing Lessons
1) Atlantic Island Surf School
609-492-03422) LBI Surfing Lessons
609-494-SURFThere are many surf shops and other instructors that give LBI surfing lessons. Please check with the LBI surf shops so they can help you have a great vacation.We Look Forward To Helping You Have Fun Surfing While Staying At Lorry’s Island End Motel On Beautiful Long Beach Island, NJ.Thank You, Bill Hutson, Lorry’s Motel Owner

Nicole Pratt From Huntington Beach, California Gives Surf Clinics all around the world including Long Beach Island, NJ. N

To sign up for the LBI Surf Clinics, visit Nicole Pratt’s website.

Nicole Pratt’s Long Beach Island Surf Clinic

Nicole Has Stayed At Lorry’s Island End Motel
while teaching LBI Surf Clinics, so I know Nicole personally. Bill Hutson, Lorry’s Motel owner, says Nicole has a great following because she keeps her surf clinics small to be able to give personal attention to each surfer and does a great job.

Why Surf With Nicole ?
Surf with Nicole to get some of the best personal surf instruction you can find. Nicole has worked with hundreds of surfers around the world, including working with Las Olas the premier surf retreat for women. Nicole has been surfing for 12 years with 6 years competitive, and has been a professional surf instructor for 8 years.

Nicole teaches surfing year round working with Las Olas most of the winter in Mainland Mexico and California, then comes to Long Beach Island, New Jersey in the summers. Nicole also offers private customized surf packages for groups or family’s and will travel to you, anywhere in the world you may be or want to go.

Awards That Nicole Has Won:
• Bad Boy International Pro Am – 1st place women’s division 2007 San Diego.
• Dempsey Holder 1st Annual Surf Contest – 1st place women’s open 2005, Imperial Beach.
• Dempsey Holder 2nd Annual Surf Contest – 1st place women’s open 2006, Imperial Beach.
• Dempsey Holder 4th Annual Surf Contest – 2nd place women’s open 2008, Imperial Beach.
• Revolt Summer Surf Series – women’s over all champ 2009 Pacific Beach.
• Revolt Summer Surf Series – event #1 in 2010 – 2nd place women’s open.