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Courtyard BBQ

Lorry’s Motel Courtyard & BBQ Area Saves You A Lot Of Money On Food

Welcome to Lorry’s Island End Motel, The Best Long Beach Island NJ Hotel Or Motel Value.

Lorry’s LBI Motel Courtyard and BBQ Area has 3 gas grills, 4 picnic tables, and 2 umbrella tables that seats up to 70 Guests with Gazebo, Fountain, 2 Garden Arbors, Barnegat Lighthouse replica, kid’s picnic table & fun sandbox play area, in an enclosed LBI vacation area.

Lorry’s Courtyard & BBQ Area are surrounded by flowers, plants, and small palm trees for you to have a BBQ with your friends, or a large LBI family reunion. The BBQ Area Will Save You Money On Food & Drinks (Your Biggest Vacation Expense) by making eating out an option – not a necessity.

Below are some of the  pictures of our Courtyard & BBQ Area showing you how to save money on your vacation. Also, pictured below is a KID’S FUN SANDBOX play area and picnic table.

BBQ Area Makes Your LBI, NJ Vacation Affordable

3 Gas Grills At Lorry’s Helps You Save Money On Food – Your Most Expensive Vacation Items

Courtyard – A Place To Relax & Eat What You BBQ’d


YES You Can Make Your Long Beach Island NJ Vacation Affordable

All of Lorry’s Motel rooms have a Full Size Refrigerator With Top Freezer to store your food and drinks. Also, every morning in season starting May 1 from 9 – 11 am, we have a Free Continental Breakfast on our second floor deck.One of Lorry’s gas grills has a side burner so you can cook a hot breakfast of bacon & eggs with pancakes – and for lunch or dinner cook spaghetti, steam some veggies, cook fresh corn on the cob, heat baked beans or bake a potato right on the grill. Lorry’s Motel also has a microwave in every room to make cooking or warming up easy.

If you need some aluminum foil or to borrow a skillet or a pot, come to the office and we will be happy to try to help you. Lorry’s Motel makes every effort to make your Long Beach Island Vacation Affordable. Relax and eat in our Amish Gazebo and get out of the sun. Also you can use Lorry’s Picnic Tables and enjoy Lorry’s Fountain & LBI Garden. Relax To The Running Water Of The Fountain & Enjoy The Flowers & Garden

 Gazebo & Palm Trees Help You Get Away & Relax

   Lorry’s Motel Kids Fun Sandbox & Play Area Below

Kids have their own picnic table and fun sandbox play area near you in Lorry’s Courtyard, So You Can Keep An Eye On Them. Lorry’s Motel provides some shovels, buckets and toys for your kids to have fun and play with in the sandbox. Adults Also Love Lorry’s Sandbox & BBQ Area. Butterflies Also Enjoy Lorry’s LBI Garden

Names Of Lorry’s Flowers & Plants Are As Follows:  We Love Our Long Beach Island Garden and Lorry’s Staff and Lorry’s Owner spend hundreds of hours working on the garden. Some of the flowers and plants (annuals and perennials) that are in Lorry’s garden and around the building are as follows:

Dwarf Palm Trees, Pygmy Date Palm Trees, Sago Palms, Black-Eyed Susans, CordobaBlack-Eyed Susans, Flying Saucer Coreopsis, Multi-Colored Crotons  (Codiaeumvariegatum), Purple Cone Flowers, Marigolds (many colors and varieties),Climbing Red Mandavillas, Tiger Eye (Rudbeckia), Petunias, Panzies, Begonias, Snake Plant (Sansevieria), Wild Cactus Plants, Green with White Border Plant from India, Climbing Roses (red and yellow), Mini Roses, Spike Plants, Mums (many colors & varieties), Dusty Miller (Cinerarla), Trumpet Vines, Dafodils, Tulips and 2 Arborvitae Trees. We Hope You Love Our LBI Garden Also

A number of Lorry’s Motel Guests have gardens at home and when they are vacationing at Lorry’s, they love to relax and help us take care of our flowers. We Thank our Long Beach Island Motel Guests and really appreciate all of your help.

Please see Lorry’s Manager or Owner if you also would like to Relax And Feel The Calming Effect Of Helping Take Care Of God’s Beautiful Flowers, or you would like to learn how to garden while on vacation at Lorry’s Island End Motel.

The gardening tip that helps Lorry’s garden grow so well is Lorry’s Owner prays for the plants and flowers – “Lord I can plant them and I can water them but I’m not important, only you can make them grow, in Jesus Name we Pray. Amen”