Free Amenities

* Lorry’s LBI Motel tries very hard to give Our Guests An Affordable LBI Vacation by Saving Them $50 – $125 Savings Per Day Per Room.

* Lorry’s Motel has many conveniences for our Guests such as FREE Wi-Fi  and a Full Size Refrigerator With Top Freezer And Coffee Maker In Every Room. The Full Size Refrigerator saves Our Guests a lot of money, plus gives YOU the convenience of having what YOU really want available when YOU want it as food and drinks on vacation are the most expensive items, especially for families.

* Courtyard and BBQ Area with 3 Gas Grills Saves You A Lot Of Money.

* Free Continental Breakfast May 1 – Sept. 30 and October weekends.
* Coffee Makers & Microwaves in ALL rooms to cook or reheat food, coffee & tea.

* Kids Are Free Making LBI, NJ Family Vacations Affordable.
* Free Beach Badges (w/deposit) at 1 pm or later on check-in day, giving You A Full First Day At The LBI, NJ Beach & not waste your first beach day.  Please don’t come to Lorry’s Office before 1 pm on check-in day

* Free Wi-Fi in Lorry’s Motel for the Convenience Of All Of Our Guests.
* Free Loaner Bicycles – Lorry’s Motel Loans Used Bicycles To Our LBI Guests for local riding to save our Guests money and have some fun. For longer distances or longer hours of riding bicycles, close by right up the street at the Beach is Bowker’s South Beach Grill that rents bicycles, etc.
* Free Boogie Boards are loaned to Lorry’s Guests to save parents some money instead of buying them for $10 or $15.

* Free Parking In Lorry’s Off Street Parking Lot For 1 Vehicle Per Room (Unit)
* Sunday-Friday Special – helps you Miss The LBI, NJ Motel Traffic and gives you a Great Price.
* A/C, Ceiling Fans + Screen Doors & Windows lets in the Cool Ocean Breeze at this quiet end of Long Beach Island.
* Returning Guests staying 5 or more days receive a Free Colorful Lorry’s T-Shirt (1 per room).

Also we have Free Wi-Fi, a Fax Machine, Scanner/Copier so you can stay in touch with your work (if you really have to work while on vacation.


Lorry’s Free Amenities Save Guests Lots Of Money (609-492-6363)

Possible “Daily Savings” At Lorry’s For A Couple (2 People)

Free Continental Breakfast – $4 – $8 A Person X 2 People = Saves $12
Free Beach Badges – – $7 A Person (Daily) X  2 People = Saves $14 

Free Loaner Bicycles – – $20 Per Day X  2 Bicycles = Saves $40

Full Refrigerator w/Top Freezer – 2 People Lunch & Drinks = Saves $14

3 Gas Grills – –  2 People BBQ Dinner Saves $20/Person = Saves $40

Above Total$120 Daily Possible Savings – Saves Min. $50 Daily

Possible “Daily Savings” For A Family Of 4 People (2A + 2K)
Free Cont. Breakfast – $4 – $8 A Person X 4 People = Saves $16- $32 
Free Beach Badges – $7 Daily A Person X 2- 4  People= Saves 
$14- $28
Free Loaner Bicycles – – $25 Per Day X  2 – 4 Bicycles = Saves $50- $100
Loaner Boogie Boards – – $10 Per Board X  2 Boogie Boards =
Saves $20
Full Size Refrigerator w/Top Freezer – 4 People Lunch & Drinks = Saves $24
3 Gas Grills – 4 People BBQ Dinner Saves $20/Person = Saves $80
Total  $194 – $248 Daily Possible Savings – Saves Min. $100/Day

2 BR Efficiency Possible “Daily Savings” Family Of 6 (3A + 3K)


Free Cont. Breakfast – – $4 – $8 Per Person X 6 People = Saves $24 – $48

Free Beach Badges – – $7 Daily A Person X 4- 6 People= Saves $28- $42
Free Loaner Bicycles – – $25 Per Day X  3 – 6 Bicycles = Saves 
$75 – $150
Loaner Boogie Boards – – $10 Per Board X 3 Boogie Boards = Saves 
Full Size Refrigerator w/Top Freezer – 6 People Lunch & Drinks = Saves 
3 Gas Grills – –  6 People BBQ Dinner Saves $20/Person = Saves $120
Total  $298 – $372 Daily Possible Savings – Saves Min. $125/Day
Lorry’s LBI Motel Helps You Have An Affordable Long Beach Island Motel Vacation


Article Reprinted Courtesy Of LivingLBI Magazine

This end of Long Beach Island, NJ is very narrow and Lorry’s Motel is located Only 200 Yards To The LBI Beach and 200 yards to the Bay in beautiful Beach Haven Inlet – near the southern tip of Long Beach Island, NJ.

At this end of Long Beach Island, NJ where the ocean and bay meet There Are Miles Of Clean Sandy Secluded LBI Beaches. Since we are so close to the ocean and have water nearby on 3 sides, the relaxing sound of the ocean is very near, with fishing and clamming within walking distance.

Also, part of the LBI beach has been made into a 3 mile Beautiful Wildlife Preserve for nature lovers that bird watchers love & dolphins swim by at the southern tip of Long Beach Island, NJ. On a clear day or night you can see the Atlantic City Casinos In The Distance.

The LBI Beach up the street from Lorry’s Motel has Many Great FREE Conveniences to help you relax more on your Affordable Long Beach Island Vacation

1) FREE 100 Car Wildlife Preserve Parking Lot
2) 2 Indoor Restrooms (men & women)
3) 3 Enclosed Showers for your privacy
4) Handicap Ramp to see the LBI Beach easier
5) Air Pump For Bikes & Cars – Near Restrooms
6) Bowker’s South Beach Grill & Deli


Laid Back LBI Area – Very Little People Or Traffic: Families Love Our Quiet Long Beach Island, NJ Area as it has very little traffic or people as compared to nearby lively Beach Haven, NJ. Children playing, people having fun walking, jogging, skating, and riding bicycles in the nearby 4 mile bike lanes are common.Even though this end of Long Beach Island, NJ is very relaxing and laid back, Lorry’s Motel is Only 4 Minutes To Beach Haven By Car (and 15 minutes by bicycle), to all the LBI fun, excitement, shopping, restaurants, nightclubs, Fantasy Island Amusement Park, plus the Black Whale Boat Fleet with Bay/Sunset Cruises and daily trips to Atlantic City Casinos.

Even though this end of Long Beach Island, NJ is very relaxing and laid back, Lorry’s Motel is Only 4 Minutes To Beach Haven By Car (and 15 minutes by bicycle), to all the LBI fun, excitement, shopping, restaurants, nightclubs, Fantasy Island Amusement Park, plus the Black Whale Boat Fleet with Bay/Sunset Cruises and daily trips to Atlantic City Casinos.

Lorry’s Motel Free Continental Breakfast

May 1 – Sept. 30 Daily
Oct. 1 – Oct. 30 on Weekends

Lorry’s LBI Motel has a Free Continental Breakfast from 9 – 11 am on our 2nd floor deck on the above dates.

Since this end of Long Beach Island NJ is very narrow, you can see both the nearby ocean and the bay from the corner of our 2nd floor deck where breakfast is set out, as Lorry’s Motel is only 200 yards to the LBI Beach and Bay.

The Free Continental Breakfast at Lorry’s Island End Motel consists of 9 varieties of bagels (plain, everything, cinnamon raisin, poppy, sesame, french toast, egg, blueberry and healthy multi-grain). Lorry’s breakfast is very popular with our guests and our bagels are ordered from Bagels & Beyond, LBI areas Award Winning Bagel Shop.

Please remember that Lorry’s Motel breakfast begins at 9 am and the bagels are on a first come first serve basis. If you have a special bagel request while you are at Lorry’s Motel and Bagels & Beyond makes that kind of bagel, we will be happy to order your special request bagel if possible.

Also available is cream cheese, butter, jelly, bread, and a toaster if you like your bagels or bread toasted, plus Orange Juice, Coffee and Tea.

Lorry’s Motel is one of the few Long Beach Island, NJ Hotels or Motels to give our LBI Guests a Free Continental Breakfast and all rooms and 2 BR Efficiencies have a separate entrance, screen door & windows, private bathroom Full Size Refrigerator With Top Freezer, Microwave, 25″ – 32″ (or bigger) cable TV, Air Conditioning and ceiling fan. Lorry’s Full Size Refrigerator saves money on the expensive vacation items, food & drinks. Shop Local at 2 LBI grocery stores: Acme and Murphy’s, or bring food & drinks with you. Also our LBI Courtyard with Gazebo, Fountain & Family BBQ Area surrounded by flowers and trees, seats up to 70 people with 8 tables + 3 gas grills to enjoy with family & friends.

   BBQ Area Makes Your LBI Vacation Affordable

We encourage you to use Lorry’s Motel BBQ Area To Have Some Fun and it will save you money on food and drinks (your biggest vacation expense) by making eating out optional.

For large LBI family and friends gatherings, you will want to stay at Lorry’s Long Beach Island NJ Motel near Beach Haven, NJ only 2 miles away.

Lorry’s BBQ Area has 3 gas grills and to help you BBQ, Lorry’s Motel provides the propane gas and BBQ utensils at the grills.

Also, one of Lorry’s gas grills has a side burner so you can cook a hot breakfast of bacon & eggs with pancakes – and for lunch or dinner cook spaghetti, steam some vegetables, cook fresh corn on the cob, heat baked beans or bake a potato right on the grill. Lorry’s Motel also has a microwave in every room to make cooking or reheating easy.

If you need some aluminum foil or to borrow a skillet or a pot, come to the office and we will be happy to help you. Lorry’s Motel makes every effort to make Your Long Beach Island Vacation Affordable.

Kid’s Fun Sandbox & Play Area In The Courtyard and Long Beach Island Deli Near Lorry’s Motel

At Lorry’s Motel, your kids have their own fun sandbox play area and picnic table near you in Lorry’s Courtyard, So You Can Keep An Eye On Them. Lorry’s also provides some buckets, shovels and toys for kids to play with in the sandbox. South Beach Grill (Voted One of The Best LBI, NJ Deli’s) is at the Beach near Lorry’s Island End Motel. They also were Voted Best Long Beach Island, NJ Cheese-steaks. Deli Directions:  Go up Washington Avenue (Lorry’s Motel street) towards the beach to the corner, turn right and the Deli is the 2nd building on your right.