NEW Sanitation Procedures


Lorry’s LBI Motel Has Added New Guest Sanitation Procedures

YOUR SAFETY AND WELL-BEING Are Our Top Priority – If You Are Safe – We Are Safe
(Thank God Lorry’s Motel Had Zero “NONE” Covid Issues In 2020 While Helping Thousands Of Guests)

We Follow CDC Recommendations PLUS Additional Safety Precautions

Lorry’s Long Beach Island Motel Is Making Our Guest’s Vacations As Safe As Possible


*  We Are NOT A LBI Hotel – WE ARE A LBI MOTEL – We Don’t Have A Lobby, Hallway, Inside Steps, Or Non-Family Members Just Hanging Around Inside  

*  At Lorry’s Motel You Do Not Ride In An Elevator To Get To Your Room – ALL Motel Entrances Are From The Outside – Your Car Directly To Your Room

*  Lorry’s Motel Staff AND Lorry’s Owner Have Temperatures Checked For Health Every Morning (Before Duty) 

*  Lorry’s Motel Staff AND Lorry’s Owner Wash Their Hands For Health Every Morning (Before Duty And Thereafter)

*  Lorry’s Motel Staff AND Lorry’s Owner Will Not Shake Hands Or Hug Returning Guests – Until Covid19 Is Over

Lorry’s Motel Staff AND Lorry’s Owner Will Wear Masks When Interacting With Lorry’s Motel Guests 

*  NJ Gov. Murphy Asks Everyone To Wear A Mask –  Lorry’s Asks Guests To Wear Masks Outside On Lorry’s Property

*   “Contactless Check-In” – – Guests Encouraged To Pay Debit/Credit Card On The Phone (Yes Cash Is Still Accepted)

*   “Contactless Check-Out” – – Please Leave Your Room Key In Your Room And It’s OK To Check-Out Without Coming To Lorry’s Office (If You Want)

*  Check-Out Time 10 AM – Allows Staff More Time To Fully Clean & Sanitize Rooms – Check-In 3 pm

Lorry’s Motel Rooms Are DISINFECTED WITH DEP APPROVED LYSOL SPRAY (Kills 99.9% Within 10 Seconds)

*  Additional Room Cleaning “Hot Spots” – Door Knobs, Light Switches, Dressers, Sinks, Toilets, Showers, TV Remote, etc.

*   Guests Are Asked To Social Distance 6 Feet Away From Non-Family Guests 

*  Guests Are Asked To Keep Interactions With Non-Family Members Short

*  Lorry’s BBQ Area – Guests Are Asked To Social Distance 6 Feet From Other Guests Unless They Are Family Members Or Comfortable With Their Own Group

*  Social Distancing 6 Ft. Markers On Our Deck For Our Free Continental Breakfast

*  Hand Sanitizers (80% Alcohol) Are Placed & Available In ALL Of Lorry’s Motel Rooms

*  Hand Sanitizers (80% Alcohol) Are Available Outside In Lorry’s Courtyard On The Tables & In Our Gazebo 

Food Handler Gloves Are Used By Lorry’s Staff To Individually Wrap Bagels For Free Breakfast

TV Remote Controls Cleaned & Placed In Zip Lock Bags For Extra Cleanliness

*  You Can Use The TV Remote In The Zip Lock Bag OR Take It Out Of The Bag (Your Choice)

*   YES Guests ARE ALLOWED To Bring Their Own Bedding & Towels, Etc. (If Desired). Please Notify Lorry’s Motel Owner (Bill) – In Advance If You Want Lorry’s Motel Bedding & Towels Removed From Your Motel Room Before You Arrive


If You Have Questions, Comments Or Suggestions – Please CALL BILL AT 609-492-6363