NEW Sanitation Procedures


Lorry’s LBI Motel Has Added New Guest Sanitation Procedures

YOUR SAFETY AND WELL-BEING Are Our Top Priority – If You Are Safe – We Are Safe
(Thank God Lorry’s Had Zero “NONE” Covid Issues In 2020 & 2021 While Helping Thousands Of Guests)

We Follow CDC Recommendations PLUS Additional Safety Precautions

Lorry’s Long Beach Island Motel Is Making Our Guest’s Vacations As Safe As Possible


*  We Are NOT A LBI Hotel – WE ARE A LBI MOTEL – We Don’t Have A Lobby, Hallway, Inside Steps, Or Non-Family Members Just Hanging Around Inside  

*  At Lorry’s Motel You Do Not Ride In An Elevator To Get To Your Room – ALL Motel Entrances Are From The Outside – Your Car Directly To Your Room

At Lorry’s You DO NOT SHARE A BATHROOM With Any Other Room And ALL Rooms Have A Private Entrance And Private Bathroom 

*  Lorry’s Motel Staff AND Lorry’s Owner Have Temperatures Checked For Health Every Morning (Before Duty) 

*  Lorry’s Motel Staff AND Lorry’s Owner Wash Their Hands For Health Every Morning (Before Duty And Thereafter)

*  Lorry’s Motel Staff AND Lorry’s Owner Will Not Shake Hands Or Hug Returning Guests – Until Covid19 Is Over

Lorry’s Motel Staff AND Lorry’s Owner Will Wear Masks When Interacting With Lorry’s Motel Guests 

*   “Contactless Check-In” – – Guests Encouraged To Pay Debit/Credit Card On The Phone (Yes Cash Is Still Accepted)

*   “Contactless Check-Out” – – Please Leave Your Room Key In Your Room And It’s OK To Check-Out Without Coming To Lorry’s Office (If You Want)

*  Check-Out Time 11 AM – Allows Staff More Time To Fully Clean & Sanitize Rooms – Check-In 3 pm

Lorry’s Motel Rooms Are DISINFECTED WITH DEP APPROVED LYSOL SPRAY (Kills 99.9% Within 10 Seconds)

*  Additional Room Cleaning “Hot Spots” – Door Knobs, Light Switches, Dressers, Sinks, Toilets, Showers, TV Remote, etc.

*  Guests Are Asked To Keep Interactions With Non-Family Members Or People NOT In Their Group Short

*  Lorry’s BBQ Area – If You Are With Family Members Or Your Own Group, You Do Not Have To Social Distance 6 Feet Away. However Other Guests Are Asked To Social Distance 6 Feet From Other Guests.

*  Social Distancing 6 Ft. Markers On Our Deck For Our Free Continental Breakfast

*  Hand Sanitizers (80% Alcohol) Are Placed & Available In ALL Of Lorry’s Motel Rooms

*  Hand Sanitizers (80% Alcohol) Are Available Outside In Lorry’s Courtyard On The Tables & In Our Gazebo 

Food Handler Gloves Are Used By Lorry’s Staff To Individually Wrap Bagels For Free Breakfast

TV Remote Controls Cleaned & Placed In Zip Lock Bags For Extra Cleanliness

*  You Can Use The TV Remote In The Zip Lock Bag OR Take It Out Of The Bag (Your Choice)

*   YES Guests ARE ALLOWED To Bring Their Own Bedding & Towels, Etc. (If Desired). Please Notify Lorry’s Motel Owner (Bill) – In Advance If You Want Lorry’s Motel Bedding & Towels Removed From Your Motel Room Before You Arrive


If You Have Questions, Comments Or Suggestions – Please CALL BILL AT 609-492-6363