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Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer

P.O. Box 655

Fenton, MO 63026


Christian Author, Speaker, President of Joyce Meyer Ministries

Enjoy Your Life Everyday  (Book – By Joyce Meyer)

160+ Wise Sayings – By Joyce Meyer

**  When You Really Get Down To It – – IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS **

*  Jesus Died In Your Place (For ALL OF US)

*  Don’t Try To Do Anything That You Don’t Ask God To Help You

*  The Bible Is Our Instruction Manual For Life

*  You Can Not Survive Losing Your Relationship With God 

*  God Wants Us To Trust Him, Thank Him, And Praise Him

*  The ONLY Way Your Faith Can Grow Is IF YOU USE IT 

*  Nothing Is More Important To The Mind Than The Word Of God

*  The More Your “FAITH” Builds – The MORE COURAGEOUS You Will Be

*  God Blesses People By Their “FAITH” – By Giving Them More 

*  Your Mind Has To Be RENEWED To The Point The Other Junk (In Your Mind) Doesn’t Come Back  

*  Confess Your Sins One To Another, And Pray For One Another, That You May Be Healed. The Effective, Fervent Prayer Of A Righteous Man Avails Much  (James 5:16) 

*  One Of The Worst Things You Can Do IS TALK BAD About Yourself 

*  Dave Meyer (Joyce’s Husband) Says About Money – – – Give Some – Save Some – Spend Some 

*  Jesus Didn’t Die For Us So We Could Have A Religion – Jesus Died For Us So We Could Have A Relationship “WITH HIM”

*  God Wants You To Receive Mercy From  Him – And Give Mercy To Others

*  A Person Is NOT A TRUE FRIEND If you have To Tell Them YES ALL THE TIME

*  God Is Great Helping People Who Don’t Deserve It 

*  GOD Is Your Vindicator (Exonerates You – Forgives Your Sins) – You Can NOT Vindicate Yourself

*  I Don’t Get It Why Anybody Would NOT WANT A Relationship With God – JESUS DIED FOR YOUR SINS (And Mine) 

*  You MUST BELIEVE Before You Receive (FAITH) 

*  There Are 2,000 Bible Verses About Money 

*  The ONLY Way To Fight Greed Is Thru Generosity And Gratitude 

*  Jesus Talks MORE ABOUT MONEY — Than Heaven And Hell Combined

*  Keep Saying “Something Good Is Going To Happen To Me” – And Something Good “IS” Going To Happen To You (IF HAVE FAITH) 

*  ALL Suffering Is Caused By Sin

*  ALL These Problems We Have Are Connected To The Mind 

*  You Are Never Truly Free – – Until You No Longer Need To Impress Someone Else 

*  Love God’s Word And Give It A Regular Place Of Importance In Your Life 

*  Words Are Containers Of Power

*  Mercy Is Giving Kindness To Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve It 

*  Fear Gives satan Access To Your Life – Faith Gives God Access To Your Life

*  The Bible Has An Answer For Every Single Problem You Have

*  God Has A Wonderful Plan For Each And Every One Of Us – If You Are Faithful To God

*  You Never Want To Go Into Praying – Without A Little Praise And Worship FIRST

*  You Can Hang Out With Unbelievers As Long As You Affect Them And They Don’t Affect You 

*  God Not Only Provides The Way – God Is The Way

*  You Not Only Love Jesus – But You Fall In Love With Him

*  Jesus Had To Teach Me HE IS The Savior – Not Me

*  Something Happens To You When You Give 

*  Spending Time With God Every Day – Is The Key To Success

*  Everything We Are Good At – – IS A GIFT FROM GOD

*  Don’t Say Negative Things About Yourself 

*  I Don’t Know Anyone Who Hasn’t Failed A Few Times 

*  Don’t Depend On God To Meet Your Needs – If You Are Not Giving 

*  Without Faith It’s Impossible For You To Please God 

*  The More Patient You Are – The Stronger Your Faith

*  You Take Care Of God’s Business – HE Will Take Care Of Your Business 

*  Be Faithful With What God Has Given You – – And God Will Give You More 

*  GOD Blesses People Who Are Generous 

*  Courage In The Face of Fear Takes Action


*  If You Apply God’s Word In Your Life – It Will Set You Free

*  A Heathy Mind Is Always Positive

*  Replace Your Worries With A Prayer

*  Give God Your Mess – And Watch Him Do A Miracle With It 

*  The More Generous You Are – The More Miracles You Will Receive

*  When I See What God Has Done In My Life (Joyce Meyer) – I Am Passionate About What He (God) Can Do For You

*  I Am Not Focusing On My Problems – I Am Focusing On Jesus 

*  Doing Life With God – It’s Really All About A Relationship With God

*  Relationship With God Is Not Supposed To Be A Burden – It’s Supposed To Be Fun

*  God Sees And Hears Everything We Say And Do 

*  Please Make God First Place In Your Life

*  We Need God’s Help – And A Lot Of It

*  Prayer Is Just Having A Conversation With God

*  Faithfulness Is Something That’s Supposed To Go All Thru Our Lives

God Doesn’t Want To Take Your Fear Away – He Wants To Give You Courage While You Are Going Thru It

*  God Makes Things Work Out For You

*  Be Faithful With What God Has Given You 

*  Worry About A Problem Never Changes It

*  Worry Is More Work Than Working

*  Worrying Doesn’t Solve Anything At All

*  Believe That When You Pray – Your Answer Is On The Way

*  We Don’t Need Wishbone – “We Need “Backbone

*  Have The Courage To Be Different 

*  You Can Let Your Mess – Become Your Message

*  Words Carry Power – Your Words Are Worthless Unless You Control Your Tongue 

*  God Usually Works Through People

*  You Have To Be Willing To Be Wrong – To Find Out If You Are Right

*  God Gives Everyone The Grace To Do What We Are Supposed To Do – When We Are Supposed To Do It

*  You Never Get Victory Over Anything – By Running Away From It

*  There Is So Much Power In Prayer – He (God) Can Do In A Moment What We Can’t Do In A Lifetime 

*  God Didn’t Create You To Be Like Somebody Else 

With God ALL Things Are Possible 

*  God Is All About Helping People

*  Just Because We Highlight It In Our Bible – Doesn’t Mean You Know It 

*  When You Are Hurting – The Best Thing You Can Do Is Help Someone Else

*  Desperate People Do Desperate Dumb Things 

*  In God’s School You Never Flunk Out – You Just Keep Taking The Same Test Over And Over

*  God’s Word Really Is The Healing We Need For Our Soul

*  God Is Looking For Faithful People To See Something Thru To The End 

*  I Am Not Where I Want To Be – But I Am Not Where I Used To Be 

*  It’s Our Actions That Show The World What True Love Is

*  God Is Going To Ask Every Person – What Have You Done With What He Has Given Them 

*  If You Are In A Place You Don’t Like – You Need To Get Down To Praying To God

*  Make Sure You Forgive People Before You Start Praying 

*  You Are What God Says You Are – You Have To Believe It 

Jesus Took The Punishment We Deserved On Him

*  You Will Never Be Happy Unless You Are In God’s Will

Just Being “Thankful” Runs The devil (satan) Off 

*  The devil (satan) Doesn’t Want You To Like Yourself

The devil (satan) Doesn’t Want You To Enjoy Your Life 

*  There Is NO ONE That Can’t Recover From Their Past

*  You Can Not Enjoy Your Life – And Be Fearful At The Same Time

*  Foolish People Want Someone Else To Take Care Of Them 

*  No Matter How Hard I Try – I Can’t Do This Without God

*  You Are Bought With A Price – The Precious Blood Of Jesus Christ 

*  Nobody Grows In Good Times (In Their Walk With Jesus)

*  Thank God In Everything – Be Thankful 

God’s Timing In My Life Is Always On Time

*  God Wants To Be Involved In Everything You Are Involved In

I Love Preaching God’s Word (Joyce Said)

*  Every Day Put A Smile On Someone’s Face

*  If You Are Hard On Yourself You Will Be Hard On Others – Show Them The Love Of God

*  If It Were Easy – Everyone Would Do It

*  You Can Be Pitiful  -OR-  Powerful – BUT You Can’t Be Both 

*  You Have To Respect Money – – If You Want To Expect Money 

*  Change Your Words – Change Your Life – – Find Life In The Words You Speak

*  We Need God’s Grace For Every Single Thing We Do

*  Dedicate You Mouth – Don’t Say The Wrong Things

*  Everything In Theory Sounds Good Until You Put It In Practice

*  It Is Absolutely True That God Changes Us

*  Dedicate Your Eyes – Don’t Look At The Wrong Things 

*  We Need To Be The Kind Of People That Always Go The Extra Mile

*  Dedicate You Feet – Don’t Go To The Wrong Places

*  It’s Amazing That Jesus Took Our Sin To The Cross And Died To Free Us From The Penalty Of Our Sin

*  If You Are Already Complaining About What God Gave You – Why Would God Give You More 

*  Your “Faith” Does You No Good If You Don’t Release It – Speak It

*  Every Day You Are In Partnership With God

Faith” Requires Us To Step Out

*  I Believe I’m On My Journey To Heaven – I Believe In You Jesus

Sin Always Looks Attractive – – “For Awhile”  

*  The Bible Is Full Of Parables (God’s Word As Stories In The Bible)

*  “satan” Always Works To Take Away Your Freedom (Keep You In Bondage – Jail To “satan”)

*  The Ones Who Succeed In Life Are The Ones Who Have The Courage To Do That (Are You Willing To Believe In Yourself – In Jesus Name)

*  God Surrounds The Righteous With Favor 

*  Let God Fight Your Battles

*  Feeling Sorry For Yourself Is Just A Waste Of Time

Once You Start This Journey With Jesus – It Becomes The Adventure Of A Lifetime – – (Ginger Stache – Marketing Director For Joyce Meyer Ministry)

*  Works Of The Flesh Equal Frustration

*  I Don’t Know What I Would Preach About If I Weren’t Married To Dave Meyer (My Husband – As Examples For My Message)

*  It’s Easier To Have Peace In Your Home If You Start Out Peaceful

*  You Just Can’t Be Happy And Selfish At The Same Time 

*  The Battle Belongs To God – The Victory Belongs To You

*  The Only Way You Can Fail Is If You Stop Trying

*  Overcome Fear With Courage

*  God Will Never Give Up On You – If You Don’t Give Up On Him

*  No Challenge – No Change

*  The Word Of God Is More Powerful Than The Lies of “satan”

*  You Have To Face Your Problems – Before You Can Overcome Them

*  God Had To Teach Me – You Are Not The Savior – I AM

*  You Overcome Evil With Good

We Overcome By The Blood Of Jesus 

*  The Blood (Of Jesus) Is Still Crying Out To Us 2,000 Years Later

*  God Never Puts More On Us Than We Can Bear

*  Everybody Needs Jesus

*  We Have Been Given Authority Over The Devil

*  God Is Greater Than Your Past

*  People Don’t See Your Heart – They See Your Behavior

*  True Change Comes From The Inside Out 

*  There Are People’s Lives That Only You Can Affect

*  The devil (satan) Wants You To Think Wrong About Yourself

*  You Are The Only Jesus Your Co-Workers Are Going To See

*  Don’t Let What Someone Else Does – Steal Your Joy

*  Everybody Needs Jesus

*  You Don’t Know What Sea God Is Going To Part For You Until You Step In It

*  God Has An Individualized Plan For Each One Of Us

*  He (Jesus) Who Knew No Sin – Became Sin For Us (2 Corinthians 5:21)

*  We Get Answers From God By Praying – Not Complaining

*  Stop Blaming Everyone Else For Your Problems

*  All Things Are Possible To Him Who Believes. As Long As You Keep Believing God Keeps Working

*  There’s Something In The Word (The Bible) For Everything That Ails You – “Take It”

*  You Can’t Be Pitiful And Powerful – It Just Won’t Work

*  Man Must Take Responsibility For His Actions – And Stop Blaming Other People For Our Problems

*  We Are Partners With God In Doing Things For Us

*  You Have Not Because You Ask Not

I Have Found That Being Right Is Highly Overrated (Said By Joyce Meyer’s Son)

*  As Long As You Are Willing To Change – God Will Work With You – – (Said By Ginger Stache – Marketing Director For Joyce Meyer Ministry)

*  The Power Of Simple Prayer – – (Said By Ginger Stache – Marketing Director For Joyce Meyer Ministry)

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