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Green Since 1990

Long Beach Island, NJ First Green LBI Hotel Or Motel

Lorry’s LBI Motel Was The First Long Beach Island, NJ Hotel Or Motel to use “Green” programs since 1990 when Lorry’s Motel was first purchased, and Before “Going Green” was even fashionable.

Lorry’s Motel Was The First LBI Hotel Or LBI Motel in 1990 to not offer daily maid service to conserve energy and resources by not washing the sheets every day. Lorry’s Sheets Are Washed After Each Checkout and are clean when you check-in. During your stay at Lorry’s Motel your sheets can be exchanged at the Guest’s request if needed.

Not washing the sheets everyday Now Is A Common Practice in some LBI Hotels and LBI Motels and also many hotels and motels worldwide to save water and energy.

At Lorry’s Motel we don’t wash all the towels every day. Lorry’s Guests are asked to use their towels more than once and then bring them to Lorry’s Office to exchange them for fresh towels.

These practices greatly reduce Lorry’s Long Beach Island Motel water use, energy consumption, detergent use and reduces the amount of detergent wastewater that must be recycled within our LBI community, all helping Barnegat Bay and the LBI environment.

Also, not having daily maid service allows Lorry’s Motel to invest the money we save in having Many FREE Amenities which helps Lorry’s Guests have an Affordable LBI Vacation. Lorry’s Free Amenities save our Guests $50 – $125 savings per day per room.

We invite all of our Long Beach Island Motel Guests to join with us to conserve additional water and energy by hanging your towels on our outside clothes line and using your towels more than once before exchanging them. Also Lorry’s Guests are encouraged to turn off your TV and lights when you are not using them to save electricity.

Long Beach Island, NJ is a beautiful 18 mile barrier island and we all must do a better job of conserving our LBI resources. Currently Barnegat Bay is in serious trouble and we are trying to Save Barnegat Bay. The LBIFest held on June 12, 2010 with 6,500 people donated $2,060.64 to ReClam The Bay to help Save Barnegat Bay.

When Long Beach Island Hotel & Motel Guests participate in these programs “You Help Save Barnegat Bay And The Earth Where We Live.”

Thank You for helping to save Barnegat Bay and Planet Earth.

We Appreciate All Your Help To Conserve!

Also, Lorry’s Motel has instituted many other “Green Programs” like:

* 10 Bicycle Racks Lorry’s Motel encourages our Guests to bicycle and save gas when on their LBI vacation. This is a great way to have some fun and get some exercise while bicycling Beautiful Long Beach Island.
* Recycling In All The Rooms: Every room has a full size recycling can and garbage can.
* Recycling In The Courtyard & BBQ Area – Lorry’s Courtyard has 2 Recycling Cans AND 2 Garbage Cans – so once your BBQ is over you can easily recycle and separate your trash in the proper can.
* Energy Efficient Replacement Windows (100% completed) Lorry’s Motel has already upgraded all 40 of our windows with Energy Efficient Replacement Windows. This project took us about 4 years to complete all 40 windows.
* Energy Efficient Light Bulbs: Lorry’s Motel is replacing the older light bulbs as they burn out with Energy Efficient Light Bulbs.
* Reduced Water Flow Toilets
* Reduced Water Flow Shower Heads
* E-Bills & Eco-Bills E-Mailed To Lorry’s Long Beach Island Motel: Bills that are e-mailed saves a lot of paper rather than wasting paper in mailing and paying the bills.

Long Beach Island’s First “Green Up Clean Up”

Lorry’s Island End Motel was one of the 1st sponsors of the first 18 Mile LBI Island Wide Green Up Clean Up on April 25, 2009.

Lorry’s Motel also was one of the 30 LBI businesses that signed up to be Distribution Points for Volunteers to meet at 9 am to pick up gloves, trash bags, etc.

The Green Up Clean Up schedule on April 25, 09 was as follows:
9 am – 12 noon – – Green Up Clean Up
12:30 – 1:30 pm – – Free Lunch for 180 volunteers at Dark Star Cafe located at 2901 Long Beach Blvd. in Ship Bottom, NJ.
8 pm – 9:30 pm – -Fun Bonfire at the 68th Street Beach (Long Beach Twp. Municipal Complex)

If you or your group want to be part of any Future LBI Green Up Clean Up, please call 609-492-6363 or e-mail Lorry\’s@Lorry\’ Lorry’s Island End Motel offered a $125 Green Up Clean Up Special For The Entire Weekend for our Guests.

Please Help Save Our Planet Earth

Whether you agree that we have global warming or not, climate change is certainly happening. We All Must Do Better To Conserve Energy And Resouces while staying in a Long Beach Island Hotel Or Motel for the future. There are many easy things that every person can do to have a smaller footprint by conserving so that we will all have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink on earth. When you stay at Lorry’s Long Beach Island Motel – YOU Will Be Helping To Conserve Energy And Resouces For The Future Of LBI.

Also while on Long Beach Island, NJ – please go green and save fuel and money by shopping on Long Beach Island and support our local LBI Businesses.

Thank You,

Bill Hutson
Lorry’s Motel Owner