Joel Osteen

Pastors Joel & Victoria Osteen

Lakewood Church – 3700 Southwest Freeway
Houston, Texas – Phone # 713-635-4154


Joel Would Like To Give “You” An Opportunity To Make Jesus The Lord Of Your Life

Would You Pray With Me – Just Say:

Lord Jesus, I Repent Of My Sins.  Come Into My Heart, I Make You My Lord And Savior.

If YOU Prayed This Simple Prayer We Believe You Are Born Again (Believe In Jesus).  Get Into A Good Bible Based Church And Keep GOD First Place.  He Will Take You Places You Never Dreamed Of.


Some Of Joel’s Wise Quotes

*  When Fear Knocks – Let “FAITH” Answer The Door

*  Thankfulness And Praising – Gets God’s Attention

Don’t Magnify Your Problems – “Magnify GOD”

*  If You Pray Bold Prayers – God Will Grant You Bold Requests

*  Complaining Doesn’t Get God’s Attention – God Doesn’t Answer Complaints

*  The Economy Is NOT Our Source – God Is Our Source

Praise – Will Give Us The Victory

*  Don’t Consider Your Circumstances – Consider Your God

*  When You Bragg On The Goodness Of God, He Will Do Amazing Things For You

*  God Can Quickly Change Things – God Is A Supernatural God

*  There Is Nothing More Powerful Than A Made Up Mind – Pastor Victoria Osteen

*  When You Speak – You Are Prophesying Your Future –  Pastor Victoria Osteen

*  You Don’t Have To Go After The Blessing – Go After God

*  We Can Fool A Lot Of People – But We Can’t Fool God

Faith Is What Gets God’s Attention

*  There Is Nothing More Powerful Than Your Faith

*  If You Are Going To Succeed – You Have To Go Against The Grain

The More “Honor” You Show God- The More God Will “Honor” You

*   Don’t Pray Small Prayers – That Sets The Limit 

If You Want God To Reign – You Have To Keep Him On The Throne. God Is Bigger Than Any Problem You Are Facing

*  God Is The Master Gardner

*  People Don’t Determine Your Future – God Does

*  You Can’t Speak Negative Words And Live A Positive Life

*  You Wouldn’t Be Alive Unless God Had Something Amazing For You

We Don’t Preach The Gospel SAD – We Preach It GLAD – – Dodie Osteen (Pastor Joel’s Mother – Healed Of Terminal Cancer Over 30 Years Ago)

*  If You Work With God You Will Come Out Better

*  When You Give Happiness – You Receive Happiness

*  God Never Gives Up On You

*  You May Be In A Tough Problem – Don’t Magnify Your Problem “Magnify God”

God Chose You Before You Could Choose Him – – (Jeremiah 1:5 – Before I Formed You In The Womb I Knew You . . .)

No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Permission – Eleanor Roosevelt (Re-Told By Joel Osteen)

God Is NOT Going To Do For You What You Can Do For Yourself

*  God Is Your Gardener – He Only Prunes You To Bear More Fruit

When You Ask Big – It Causes The Creator Of The Universe (God) To Respond

God Is Going To Take You Places You Could Not Go

Limited Thinking Will Cause You To Live A Limited Life.  You Were Never Made To Live A Small Life

When Life Counts You Out – God Counts You In

God’s Power Shows Up Greatest In Our Weakness

If You Don’t Set The Tone For The Day – Negative Thoughts Will Start Coming In 

Faithful In The Routine Is What Prepares You Now For The Future Thing God Has Prepared For You

*  If You Want God To Reign – You Have To Keep Him On The Throne – God Is Bigger Than Any Problem You Are Facing

*  If You Stay In Faith – God Will Make Things Happen That You Can’t Make Happen

God Knows How To Take Your Mess – And Make It Your Message

*  God Healed My Mother (Dodie) Of Cancer – I Know God Can Heal You Too

You Are What God Says About You – You Are Not What You Feel

God Can Quickly Change Things – God Is A Supernatural God

You Can’t Pretend And Have God’s Blessing – Ask God’s Forgiveness

God Has Mercy For Every Mistake You Made

*  Promotion Doesn’t Come From Man – Promotion Comes From God

Everybody Is Struggling With Something

Obedience Is Always Followed By A Blessing

Don’t Run Away From The Process – The Process Is Part Of The Promotion – You Have To Be Willing To Go Through The Process

Keep Doing The Right Thing When It’s Hard

Part Of Faith Is Stepping Into The Unknown

Overcome The Pressures Of Life – Keep On Singing and Making Melody Under Your Breath – God Replenishes Your Joy

God’s Dream For Your Life – Is So Much Bigger Than Your Dream For Your Life

God Wants To LEAD US – He Does Not Want To DRAG US

*  Stay In Faith – And God Will Bless You

*  Many Times The Answer To Your Prayers Is In Helping Someone Else

*  YOU Are Too Blessed To Angry Or Mad

God Is A Progressive God – Don’t Get Stuck In The Past

God Doesn’t Define Us By Our Mistakes – He REFINES Us By Our Mistakes

YOU Control The Doorway To Your Heart

Your Test Will Become Your Testimony

Where There Is Unity – There Is A Commanded Blessing On Your Life (Psalm 133:1-3)

*   God Took My Mistake And Made It Into A Miracle

*   God Uses The Delay – The Setback – To Prepare Us 

I‘d Rather Have Peace Than Be Right