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Joel Would Like To Give “You An Opportunity” To Make Jesus The Lord Of Your Life

Would You Pray With Me – Just Say:

“Lord Jesus, I Repent Of My Sins.  Come Into My Heart, I Make You My Lord And Savior”.

If YOU Prayed This Simple Prayer We Believe You Are Born Again (Believe In Jesus).  Get Into A Good Bible Based Church & Keep GOD First Place.  He Will Take You Places You Never Dreamed Of….


Over 100 Of Joel Osteen’s Wise Quotes

*  When Fear Knocks – Let “FAITH” Answer The Door

*  Thankfulness And Praising – Gets God’s Attention

Don’t Magnify Your Problems – “Magnify GOD”

*  If You Pray Bold Prayers – God Will Grant You Bold Requests

*  God Didn’t Create You To Be Overcome – He Created You To Be An Overcomer

*  When God Is Fighting Your Battles – Things Happen That Don’t Make Sense

*  You Have To Thank God When It Doesn’t Work Out – That Is What Faith Is All About

*  You Have To Release The Miracle – It’s In Your Mouth (Speak It And Believe It)

*  There Is Nothing More Important Than What You Think About Yourself (Except God)

*  God’s Going To Ask You – What Did You Do With The Life I Gave You

*  When You Honor God – God Will Always Honor You

*  If You Use What God Has Given You – He Will Give You More

*  You Can’t Stay Down And Defeated As Long As You Are Thinking About The Goodness Of God

Meekness Is Strength Under Control

*  The Closed Doors (By God) Are Just Important As The Open Doors From God 

*  God Has No Problem With People Who Have Money – As Long As Money Doesn’t Have You

*  Your Expectancy Causes The Creator Of The Universe (God) To Do Miracles In Your Life

*  Complaining Doesn’t Get God’s Attention – God Doesn’t Answer Complaints

*  Every One Of Us Needs A Personal Growth Plan

*  The No’s Are A Test – God Wants To See How Bad You Want It

The Enemy (satan) Will Try To Plant Lies In You – To Affect Your Mind

*  When You Put God First- He Will Take Care Of You

*  God Is Only Limited By Our Thinking – Dare To Believe

*  The Economy Is NOT Our Source – God Is Our Source

Praise – Will Give Us The Victory

*   Prayer Is Just Talking To God

*  When You Believe Big – You Please God

*  If You Don’t Innovate – You Will Evaporate

God’s Word Is Like A Seed – It’s Always Inside You

*  You Have To Stay Open To Change

*  Every Husband Should Forget His Mistakes – It Makes No Sense For Both People To Remember Them

*  You Always Have The Greatest Difficulty Before You Get The Stored Up Blessing

God Has It All Figured Out – You Can Relax

*  How We Approach Our Difficulties Makes All The Difference In The World – Whether You Will Get Through It 

Faith Says You Have To Believe It – Before You See It

*  Don’t Consider Your Circumstances – Consider Your God

*  Before You Get Out Of The Trouble – You Have To Invite GOD Into The Situation To Change Things

*  When You Bragg On The Goodness Of God, He Will Do Amazing Things For You

*  God Determines How High You Go 

*  God Is About Households And Families 

*  God Can Quickly Change Things – God Is A Supernatural God

*  The Only Way You Are Going To Get Thru It – Is With God – – Pastor Victoria Osteen

*  There Is Nothing More Powerful Than A Made Up Mind – – Pastor Victoria Osteen

*  When You Speak – You Are Prophesying Your Future – – Pastor Victoria Osteen

*  Even Though Life Isn’t Fair – GOD IS FAIR

*  We Are Never Going To Change The Things That Happen To Us – We Have To Change The Way We Handle It 

*  God Didn’t Bring You This Far To Leave You – Don’t Settle For Mediocrity – Go For Greatness

*  You Don’t Have To Go After The Blessing – Go After God

*  We Can Fool A Lot Of People – But We Can’t Fool God

Faith Is What Gets God’s Attention

We Don’t Preach The Gospel SAD – We Preach It GLAD – – Dodie Osteen (Pastor Joel’s Mother – Healed Of Terminal Cancer Over 30 Years Ago)

*  There Is Nothing More Powerful Than Your Faith    

*  God Has Levels Of Blessings In Your future That Will Amaze You 

You Do The Right Thing When No One Is Looking

*  Do Something Good For Someone When You Are In The Valley

*  Don’t Go Thru Today Reliving Your Failures

*  God Won’t Let You Get Into A Problem He Couldn’t Get You Out Of 

*  Don’t Get Weary On Well Doing

*  God Will Open Doors No One Can Shut

*  Because You Honor God – Even Your Enemies Will Be At Peace With You

*  If You Are Spending Time With The Wrong Person – You Will Never Meet The Right Person

*  It Takes Just As Much Energy To Be Negative – As It Takes To Be Positive

*  God Is My Strong Tower And I Can Always Run To Him And Be Safe – Lisa Osteen Comes (Joel Osteen’s Sister)

*  If You Are Going To Succeed – You Have To Go Against The Grain

The More “Honor” You Show God – The More God Will “Honor” You

*   Don’t Pray Small Prayers – That Sets The Limit 

If You Want God To Reign – You Have To Keep Him On The Throne – God Is Bigger Than Any Problem You Are Facing

*  God Is The Master Gardner

*  People Don’t Determine Your Future – God Does

*  You Can’t Speak Negative Words And Live A Positive Life

*  You Wouldn’t Be Alive Unless God Had Something Amazing For You

*  If You Work With God – You Will Come Out Better

*  When You Give Happiness – You Receive Happiness

*  God Never Gives Up On You

*  Committed People Stick Out The Relationship 

*  You May Be In A Tough Problem – Don’t Magnify Your Problem “Magnify God”

God Chose You Before You Could Choose Him – – (Jeremiah 1:5 – Before I Formed You In The Womb I Knew You . . .)

No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Permission – Eleanor Roosevelt (Re-Told By Joel Osteen)

God Is NOT Going To Do For You What You Can Do For Yourself

*  God Is Your Gardener – He Only Prunes You To Bear More Fruit

*  Sometime God Shuts A Door To Force Us Into Something

When You Ask Big – It Causes The Creator Of The Universe (God) To Respond

God Is Going To Take You Places You Could Not Go

Limited Thinking Will Cause You To Live A Limited Life.  You Were Never Made To Live A Small Life

When Life Counts You Out – God Counts You In

God’s Power Shows Up Greatest In Our Weakness

If You Don’t Set The Tone For The Day – Negative Thoughts Will Start Coming In 

*  God Wouldn’t Let That Bad Break Happen If It Was Going To Change You To Lose Your Destiny

*  Being Common Doesn’t Get God’s Attention

Faithful In The Routine Is What Prepares You Now – For The Future Thing God Has Prepared For You

*  If You Do What You Can – God Will Do What You Can’t

*  If You Stay In Faith – God Will Make Things Happen That You Can’t Make Happen

*  God Did Not Create You To Be Common

God Knows How To Take Your Mess – And Make It Your Message

*  God Healed My Mother (Dodie) Of Cancer – I Know God Can Heal You Too

You Are What God Says About You – You Are Not What You Feel

God Can Quickly Change Things – God Is A Supernatural God

You Can’t Pretend And Have God’s Blessing – Ask God’s Forgiveness

*  Don’t Take Our Problem To God – Take Our Praise To God

God Has Mercy For Every Mistake You Made

*  Life Is Too Short To Hang Around People Who Are Not Going Anywhere

*  Promotion Doesn’t Come From Man – Promotion Comes From God

*  Everyone Around Me May Be Common – But I Am Not Going To Lower My Standards

Everybody Is Struggling With Something

*  Quit Focusing On Yourself

*  God’s Mercies Are Never Going To Give Up On You

Obedience Is Always Followed By A Blessing

Don’t Run Away From The Process – The Process Is Part Of The Promotion – You Have To Be Willing To Go Through The Process

*  Don’t Let The Facts Confuse You On The Way It’s Gonna Be – God Is In Control

*  When You Choose Faith Over Fear – God Will Take You Places You Never Dreamed

Keep Doing The Right Thing When It’s Hard

*  God Will Pay You Back For Staying Committed

Part Of Faith Is Stepping Into The Unknown

Overcome The Pressures Of Life – Keep On Singing and Making Melody Under Your Breath – God Replenishes Your Joy

God’s Dream For Your Life – Is So Much Bigger Than Your Dream For Your Life

God Wants To LEAD US – He Does Not Want To DRAG US

*  God Has Planned Every Detail Of Your Life, a Detailed God, A Precise God

*  Stay In Faith – And God Will Bless You

*  Many Times The Answer To Your Prayers Is In Helping Someone Else

*  YOU Are Too Blessed To Angry Or Mad

God Is A Progressive God – Don’t Get Stuck In The Past

God Doesn’t Define Us By Our Mistakes – He REFINES Us By Our Mistakes

YOU Control The Doorway To Your Heart

Your Test Will Become Your Testimony

*  It Takes Courage To NOT Be Like Everyone Else

Where There Is Unity – There Is A Commanded Blessing On Your Life (Psalm 133:1-3)

*  God Took My Mistake And Made It Into A Miracle

*  God Uses The Delay – The Setback – To Prepare Us 

I‘d Rather Have Peace Than Be Right

*  You Are Not Supposed To Engage In Every Battle