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Late Check-In Available

Late Night Check-Ins At All Hours Are Available To Help You

At Lorry’s Long Beach Island Motel (And Our 4 BR 2 BA Rental House Also) – – We Do Understand That Many People Work Late And Need to Check-In At Later Hours of the Evening from 5 pm – 12 Midnight Or After Midnight.

SO we have Late Night Check-Ins Available AT ALL HOURS for Lorry’s Motel Guests  — IF you want to Check-In Late – Please Notify Lorry’s Motel Owner, Bill Hutson (IN AVANCE) who lives across the street and We Will Get You Into Your Room Late Night.

Please Call Bill At 609-492-6363 To Notify Bill What Time Approximately You Will Be Checking In Late.

This is a Tremendous Advantage for Lorry’s Motel Guests SO the next morning you GET UP REFRESHED with all the hours of driving in traffic to Lorry’s Motel out of the way, and go Right On Vacation the next morning AND REALLY RELAX RIGHT AWAY.

Bill Hutson’s Cell 609-492-6363

Owner – Lorry’s LBI Motel