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Dr. Mike Murdock


Dr. Mike Murdock
P.O. Box 1925 – Colleyville, TX 76034
Phone # 817-759-0300

The Wisdom Of Mike Murdock –  Over 125 Wise Sayings

*  Successful Prayers Require The Name Of Jesus. Our Creator Is Interested In Order. Remember, Order Is The Accurate Arrangement Of Things. Approaching God Requires Spiritual Protocol. When You Talk To The Father, Come To Him In The Name Of Jesus.”  The Proof Of Character Is The Willingness To Follow A Divine Instruction. (John 14:14 NKJV – “If you ask anything in My Name, I will do it.”)

* FAITH” Is Confidence In God 

*  The BIBLE Is A Book About Decision Making 

*  When You Ignore God – You Schedule A Tragedy 

*  Malachi 3:10  (A Book In The Bible) Is The ONLY Book In The Bible Where God Says “TRY (TEST) ME” 

*  Your Seed Is Talking To God – When I Let Go Of What is In My Hand … God Lets Go What Is In His Hand

*  Mike Murdock Asked Pastor Oral Roberts What Was The Secret For His Success — SOWING A SEED FOR A DESIRED RESULT  – – Pastor Oral Roberts (An American Charismatic Christian Televangelist, Who Was One Of The First To Propagate The Prosperity Gospel Theology 

*  What You Do Daily Determines What You Become Permanently 

*  If You Can Win The Battle Of Your Mind – You Can Win Life

*  Your Mind Is A Garden That Requires Constant Attention

*  Adaptation Is The Seed For Longevity (Continuing Adjustment To Changing Conditions)

*  A MENTOR IS … The Quickest Exit Out Of A Crisis

*  An Instruction Is The Swiftest Way To Expose Rebellion

*  Your Focus Is The Master You Have Chosen For Yourself

*  Your Seed Is A Today Weapon For A Tomorrow Battle

*  A Critic Is …Someone Who Finds You More Interesting Than Themselves

Wisdom Is The Principal Thing – Therefore Get Wisdom (In The Bible)

*  Those Who Win Arguments …… LOSE FRIENDS

*  What You Make Happen For Others – God Will Make Happen For You

Nothing Happens – Until You Use Your Faith

Tithing (Donating 10% To God) ) Does NOT Guarantee Prosperity – —Tithing “With Expectation” DOES Guarantee Prosperity (Using Your Faith) 

Your Wisdom Is Proportionate To Your God Knowledge  

*  “GET CLOSE To Whatever You Admire !”

*  Every Sin Is A Sin Of Disobedience 

*  Your Assignment Will Always Have An Adversary 

*  Worship Is The Seed For Contentment

*  A Song Is A Corridor Into The Presence Of God

*  What God Does Reveals What He Is

*  Your Mind . . . Is Your World 

*  The Bible Says “IF” —  331 Times 

*  You Never Receive A Miracle Until You Need One

Wealth Is When You Have A Lot Of Something You Love

*  The Proof Of Integrity Is A Kept Vow

*  The Word Of God Produces The Energy Of God In You 

*  What You Can Tolerate You Can Not Change

*  Anything Inspected Improves – Anything Ignored Deteriorates 

*  An Unconfronted Enemy Will Control Your Future

*  The Proof Of Repentance Is Restitution 

*  Forgiveness Is Permitting God To Penalize Others

*  Self-Confidence Is Faith In Your Difference

*  Gratitude Is The Seed That Guarantees More

*  Uncommon Pain Often Creates Uncommon Achievement

*  Confusion Is The Proof A Deceiver Is Present

*  Never Carry The Burden …. Designed For Another

*  Money Is A Reward – Money is What You Receive When You Help Someone Else Achieve Their Goal

*  Jesus Responds To One Person Who Pursues – Before He Responds To The Crowd That Roars

*  Prayerlessness Is The Proof Of Arrogance

*  satan’s Greatest Failure Was The Crucifixion Of Christ

*  The Proof Of Wisdom Is The Pursuit Of Wisdom

*  A Seed Is Anything That Can Become More 

*  Excellence Is The Seed For Credibility

*  Honoring Parents Guarantees Generational Favor

*  Zeal Without Protocol Is Chaos

*  Silence Is Permission

*  Conversation Is The Seed For Understanding

*  The Changes In Your Life Are Proportional To Your Knowledge

*  The Secret Of Your Future Is Hidden In Your Daily Routine

*  Anger Is The Seed For Change

*  Rest Is …. The Seed For Hope

*  Silence Is Often The Seed For Peace

*  Trust God – Love Man

*  The Secret To Enjoying An Achiever Is To Love His (Their) Focus

*  The Wisdom Of God Is The Word Of God (Found In The Bible)

*  The Proof Of A Victorious Life IS JOY

*  Adaptation Is The Seed For Longevity

*  If You Insist On Taking Something God Did Not Give You – He (God) Will Take Back Something He Gave You

*  What Keeps You Excited Keeps You Creative

*  The Mercy You Deposit – Determines The Mercy You Withdraw 

*  Your Future Is Decided By Who You Choose To Believe

*  God Will Never Involve Himself In A Dream That You Can Achieve Alone

*  The Most Important Man In Your Life (Other Than Jesus) – Is The Man Who Builds Your Faith

*  God Holds The Missing Pieces To Your Life

*  Your Decisions Decide Your Wealth

*  The Purpose Of Discipline Is To Birth A Habit 

*  Never Trust A Man Who Can Forget His Debt

*  Your Reactions Will Tell Me What Interrogation Will Not

*  Creativity Is The Search For Options – Focus Is The Elimination Of Them

*  You Will Only Be Rewarded For Solving A Problem

*  The Enemy Of Truth Is Confusion

*  Do You Know Your Calling ? What You Hate Is A Clue To Something You Are Assigned To Correct

*  The Role Of Wisdom Is Correct Reactions 

*  God Will Never Give You An Assignment That Does Not Require His Participation

*  Reaching Is A Strength Not A Weakness

*  Anything You Do In An Attempt To Please God Will Not Go Unrewarded

*  Expectation Is Proof Of Your Faith

*  The Daily You Becomes The Future You 

*  Protocol Is Your Choice, Genius Is Ability, Protocol Is An Attitude

*  Crisis . . . Contains Divine Secrets

*  What You Respect You Will Attract

Adversity Reveals . . . Your Difference

*  God Is In Constant Pursuit Of Relationships

*  Protocol Will Take You Further Than Genius

*  What Grieves You Is A Clue To Something You Were Assigned To Heal

*  Protocol Is The Acceptable And Appropriate Conduct In A Specific Environment

*  The Secret Place . . . Where Doubts And Fears . . . Die

*  Every Problem Is Always a Wisdom Problem

*  Your Rewards In Life Are Determined By The Kinds Of Problems You Are Willing To Solve – For Others

*  Never Complain About What You Permit

*  Sowing Seed Is Taking A Piece Of Today For Tomorrow 

*  An Uncommon Assignment Attracts An Uncommon Adversary

*  An Uncommon Seed Always Creates An Uncommon Harvest

*  The Proof Of Love Is The Passion To Give

*  Your Endurance Is Determined By What You Are Willing To Overcome

*  What You Love Is A Clue To The Gifts, Skills And Wisdom You Contain

*  Pain Is Not Your Enemy – Merely The Proof That You Have One

*  If What You Hold In Your Hand Is Not Enough To Be Your Harvest – It Must Be Your Seed

*  Words Are Pictures . . . Rarely Forgotten

*  Your Life Is Whatever You Permit Your Mind To Magnify

*  Your Memory Replays Your Past, Your Imagination Pre-Plays Your Future

*  The Path Of Favor Is The Will Of God

*  Celebration Decides What You Remember

*  You Have Something That Makes You Unlike All Others

*  The Holy Spirit Alone Can Impart The Unshakable Confidence That Christ Dwells Within You

*  Your Success Is In Your Difference

*  Your Goals Choose Whose Voice Matters Most

Giving Reveals The Nature Of God In You – Man Hoards – satan Steals – God Gives

*  You Ask God For A Future – God Will Give You A Problem To Solve – Solve The Problem Quickly And With Joy

*  Giving Is A God Characteristic – “For God So Loved The World That He Gave His Only Begotten Son”  (John 3:16)

*  Wisdom Is Discerned By Whom You Have Chosen To Honor

*  The Less Wisdom You Have – The More Miracles You Will Need

*  Giving Is Proof That You Have Conquered Greed

*  The Non-Reacher Disqualifies Himself For Change

*  Memory Can Make Yesterday Your Future 

*  A Confident Can Schedule Your Future

*  Preparation Is Never A Delay

*  Only A Fool Lectures On Drowning … During A Drought

*  Faith Is The Victory That Overcomes The World (Pastor Anna Sweet)

*  Only If You Are Under Authority – Can You Submit to Authority (Pastor Anna Sweet)

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