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The Wisdom Of Mike Murdock – 115+ Wise Sayings

* FAITH” Is Confidence In God 

*  The BIBLE Is A Book About Decision Making 

*  When You Ignore God – You Schedule A Tragedy 

*  Malachi 3:10  (A Book In The Bible) Is The ONLY Book In The Bible Where God Says “TRY (TEST) ME” 

*  Your Seed Is Talking To God – When I Let Go Of What is In My Hand … God Lets Go What Is In His Hand

*  What You Do Daily Determines What You Become Permanently 

*  If You Can Win The Battle Of Your Mind – You Can Win Life

*  Your Mind Is A Garden That Requires Constant Attention

*  Adaptation Is The Seed For Longevity (Continuing Adjustment To Changing Conditions)

*  A MENTOR IS … The Quickest Exit Out Of A Crisis

*  An Instruction Is The Swiftest Way To Expose Rebellion.

*  Your Focus Is The Master You Have Chosen For Yourself

*  Your Seed Is A Today Weapon For A Tomorrow Battle

Wisdom Is The Principal Thing – Therefore Get Wisdom (In The Bible)

*  What You Make Happen For Others – God Will Make Happen For You

Nothing Happens – Until You Use Your Faith

Tithing (Donating 10% To God) ) Does NOT Guarantee Prosperity – —Tithing “With Expectation” DOES Guarantee Prosperity (Using Your Faith) 

Your Wisdom Is Proportionate To Your God Knowledge  

*  “GET CLOSE To Whatever You Admire !”

*  Every Sin Is A Sin Of Disobedience 

*  Your Assignment Will Always Have An Adversary 

*  Worship Is The Seed For Contentment

*  A Song Is A Corridor Into The Presence Of God

*  What God Does Reveals What He Is

*  Your Mind . . . Is Your World 

*  The Bible Says “IF” —  331 Times 

*  You Never Receive A Miracle Until You Need One

Wealth Is When You Have A Lot Of Something You Love

*  The Proof Of Integrity Is A Kept Vow

*  The Word Of God Produces The Energy Of God In You 

*  What You Can Tolerate You Can Not Change

*  Anything Inspected Improves – Anything Ignored Deteriorates 

*  An Unconfronted Enemy Will Control Your Future

*  The Proof Of Repentance Is Restitution 

*  Forgiveness Is Permitting God To Penalize Others

*  Self-Confidence Is Faith In Your Difference

*  Gratitude Is The Seed That Guarantees More

*  Uncommon Pain Often Creates Uncommon Achievement

*  Confusion Is The Proof A Deceiver Is Present

*  Never Carry The Burden …. Designed For Another

*  Money Is A Reward – Money is What You Receive When You Help Someone Else Achieve Their Goal

*  Jesus Responds To One Person Who Pursues – Before He Responds To The Crowd That Roars

*  Prayerlessness Is The Proof Of Arrogance

*  satan’s Greatest Failure Was The Crucifixion Of Christ

*  The Proof Of Wisdom Is The Pursuit Of Wisdom

*  A Seed Is Anything That Can Become More 

*  Excellence Is The Seed For Credibility

*  Honoring Parents Guarantees Generational Favor

*  Zeal Without Protocol Is Chaos

*  Silence Is Permission

*  Conversation Is The Seed For Understanding

*  The Changes In Your Life Are Proportional To Your Knowledge

*  The Secret Of Your Future Is Hidden In Your Daily Routine

*  Anger Is The Seed For Change

*  Rest Is …. The Seed For Hope

*  Silence Is Often The Seed For Peace

*  Trust God – Love Man

*  The Secret To Enjoying An Achiever Is To Love His (Their) Focus

*  The Wisdom Of God Is The Word Of God (Found In The Bible)

*  The Proof Of A Victorious Life IS JOY

*  Adaptation Is The Seed For Longevity

*  If You Insist On Taking Something God Did Not Give You – He (God) Will Take Back Something He Gave You

*  What Keeps You Excited Keeps You Creative

*  The Mercy You Deposit – Determines The Mercy You Withdraw 

*  Your Future Is Decided By Who You Choose To Believe

*  God Will Never Involve Himself In A Dream That You Can Achieve Alone

*  The Most Important Man In Your Life (Other Than Jesus) – Is The Man Who Builds Your Faith

*  God Holds The Missing Pieces To Your Life

*  Your Decisions Decide Your Wealth

*  The Purpose Of Discipline Is To Birth A Habit 

*  Never Trust A Man Who Can Forget His Debt

*  Your Reactions Will Tell Me What Interrogation Will Not

*  Creativity Is The Search For Options – Focus Is The Elimination Of Them

*  You Will Only Be Rewarded For Solving A Problem

*  The Enemy Of Truth Is Confusion

*  Do You Know Your Calling ? What You Hate Is A Clue To Something You Are Assigned To Correct

*  The Role Of Wisdom Is Correct Reactions 

*  God Will Never Give You An Assignment That Does Not Require His Participation

*  Reaching Is A Strength Not A Weakness

*  Anything You Do In An Attempt To Please God Will Not Go Unrewarded

*  Expectation Is Proof Of Your Faith

*  The Daily You Becomes The Future You 

*  Protocol Is Your Choice, Genius Is Ability, Protocol Is An Attitude

*  Crisis . . . Contains Divine Secrets

*  What You Respect You Will Attract

Adversity Reveals . . . Your Difference

*  God Is In Constant Pursuit Of Relationships

*  Protocol Will Take You Further Than Genius

*  What Grieves You Is A Clue To Something You Were Assigned To Heal

*  Protocol Is The Acceptable And Appropriate Conduct In A Specific Environment

*  The Secret Place . . . Where Doubts And Fears . . . Die

*  Every Problem Is Always a Wisdom Problem

*  Your Rewards In Life Are Determined By The Kinds Of Problems You Are Willing To Solve – For Others

*  Never Complain About What You Permit

*  Sewing Seed Is Taking A Piece Of Today For Tomorrow 

*  An Uncommon Assignment Attracts An Uncommon Adversary

*  An Uncommon Seed Always Creates An Uncommon Harvest

*  The Proof Of Love Is The Passion To Give

*  Your Endurance Is Determined By What You Are Willing To Overcome

*  What You Love Is A Clue To The Gifts, Skills And Wisdom You Contain

*  Pain Is Not Your Enemy – Merely The Proof That You Have One

*  If What You Hold In Your Hand Is Not Enough To Be Your Harvest – It Must Be Your Seed

*  Words Are Pictures . . . Rarely Forgotten

*  Your Life Is Whatever You Permit Your Mind To Magnify

*  Your Memory Replays Your Past, Your Imagination Pre-Plays Your Future

*  The Path Of Favor Is The Will Of God

*  Celebration Decides What You Remember

*  You Have Something That Makes You Unlike All Others

*  The Holy Spirit Alone Can Impart The Unshakable Confidence That Christ Dwells Within You

*  Your Success Is In Your Difference

*  Your Goals Choose Whose Voice Matters Most

Giving Reveals The Nature Of God In You – Man Hoards – satan Steals – God Gives

*  You Ask God For A Future – God Will Give You A Problem To Solve – Solve The Problem Quickly And With Joy

*  Giving Is A God Characteristic – “For God So Loved The World That He Gave His Only Begotten Son”  (John 3:16)

*  Wisdom Is Discerned By Whom You Have Chosen To Honor

*  The Less Wisdom You Have – The More Miracles You Will Need

*  Giving Is Proof That You Have Conquered Greed

*  The Non-Reacher Disqualifies Himself For Change

*  Memory Can Make Yesterday Your Future 

*  A Confident Can Schedule Your Future

*  Preparation Is Never A Delay

*  Only A Fool Lectures On Drowning … During A Drought

*  Faith Is The Victory That Overcomes The World (Pastor Anna Sweet)

*  Only If You Are Under Authority – Can You Submit to Authority (Pastor Anna Sweet)

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