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Pastor John McComb

Pastor John McComb’s Wise Sayings

Associate/Youth Pastor Jon Zmikly
San Marcos Community Church 512-805-8290 

3461 S. Old Bastrop Highway San Marcos, TX


God Is NOT Going To Make Anybody A Believer – “YOU” Have To Make That Choice Yourself 

Your Deepest Emotional Needs Can ONLY BE MET BY JESUS 

*  You Need GOD DAILY – The Benefits Are Huge

You Will Never See A Miracle Of God – Until You Need A Miracle

If I Call On The Name Of The Lord – Something Good Is Going To Happen

When You Feel You Least Need To Go To Church – That’s When You “MOST” Need To Go To Church

You Can’t Stay Where You Are And Get With God

*  It’s A Gift To Be Able To Grow In God

*  When You Are Debt Free – You Can Do A Lot Of Stuff (For God

*  You Are Never Closer To God Than When Your Heart Is Broken

IF You Don’t Have Jesus In Your Heart – You Are Expelled

GOD Is An Equal Opportunity Employer (ALL Kinds, Colors, And Creeds)

*  WE Are God’s Reflection – WE Reflect Jesus Into The World – Keep Being A Reflection For God –  – Re-Told By Pastor John McComb 

TITHE (Donate 10%) To Learn How To Revere The Lord – God Is Trying To Teach Us How To Revere Him (God) – – Pastor John McComb From The Bible In Deuteronomy !4:22-23 

  *  “REPENTANCE” Is What Happens – When We See What Is Wrong In Our Life And Turn Our Life Around

JESUS Loves You So Much To NOT Leave You Out 

LOVE The One Right In Front Of You – – Heidi Baker (Re-Told By Pastor John McComb

*  The Beauty Of Prayer Is You Can Pray Anywhere – – Pastor Jon Zmikly (Associate Pastor/Youth Pastor at San Marcos Community Church in San Marcos, TX) 

*  He (God) Loves Speaking To His Children – – Ariana Leake = Worship Director Said During Worship At San Marcos Community Church In San Marcos, TX 

We Are Here On Earth TO SERVE THE LORD – – Russell Blackstone Said During The Weekly Tithing Message At San Marcos Community Church in San Marcos, TX)

*  It’s NOT About You – It’s ABOUT GOD – The Most Important Thing A Man Can Do IS PRAY.  When You Pray You See Miracles – –   Guest Pastor Trey Kent (At San Marcos Community Church)

Jesus Said – “If I Don’t Drive – I Don’t Ride” – – Told By Jack McComb (Pastor John McComb’s Father) From A Vision He Saw In A Dream – at San Marcos Community Church in San Marcos, TX