Free Full Refrig.

Full Size Refrigerator With Top Freezer In ALL Rooms Is Free

Lorry’s LBI Motel Does Not Charge you additional money to add a Full Size Refrigerator with top freezer to your room.

Free Full Size Refrigerator In ALL Rooms

Full Size Refrigerator In ALL Rooms

Some other hotels and motels will add a small refrigerator (dorm size) to your room for an extra charge. At Lorry’s Motel, we are looking for ways to save you more money with our Full Size Refrigerator.

Lorry’s Motel Does Not Charge An “Amenity Fee” (None) to use ALL our “Free Amenities” that are Really Free At Lorry’s Island End Motel. 

ALL of Lorry’s Long Beach Island Motel Rooms have a Free Full Size Refrigerator to make your LBI Vacation Affordable, saving you a lot of money. No matter where you go on vacation the cost of your food and drinks is your Biggest Expense.  

To go with the Full Size Refrigerator in your room and a Microwave, Lorry’s Motel has 3 Gas Grills In our BBQ Area to save you even more money.