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LBI Employment At Lorry’s Island End Motel

Lorry’s Island End Motel is one of the busiest LBI Hotels or Motels with thousands of Guests from 48 States and 44 Countries Around The World.  Many of Lorry’s Guests vacation at Lorry’s every year and some Guests vacation at Lorry’s 2 – 4 times or more per year.

Lorry’s LBI Motel offers seasonal employment and Housing in a Travel Trailer in a nearby RV Park from about April 15 – October 31 for persons to clean our motel rooms. Lorry’s Motel is looking for persons whose work ethic makes it a priority to have extremely clean rooms, as Lorry’s owner Bill Hutson accepts nothing less than extremely clean rooms.

Any cleaning experience at another LBI Hotel or LBI Motel would be a plus. Please list that fact on your application and please bring that to our attention.

If you would like to work at Lorry’s Island End Motel and you have a good work ethic, please fill in the following application and e-mail your resume and how you will benefit Lorry’s Island End Motel and our Guests to [email protected].

Thank You !

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