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Bus Transport from NY to Lorry’s

Transportation NY Direct To Long Beach Island, NJ – – Please Call 347-927-0750 Transport Azumah
YES Direct Transportation from New York City to Long Beach Island, NJ
is available In Season. The summer of 2023 will be over 10 years that Transport Azumah has been bringing people from New York City to LBI and back to New York.

Passengers are conveniently picked up in New York City at 9th Ave. and 42nd St.
at Citi Bank with a flag stop at Newark & JFK Airports. You must specifically request the stop at Newark & JFK Airports.

The LBI Direct Transportation from New York runs during the Long Beach Island season from May 25 on Memorial Weekend to October 3 and will drop you off or pick you up near most of the LBI Hotels and LBI Motels.

Visit the Transport Azumah website for schedules and more information, or to make a LBI Reservation please call 347-927-0750.

Please read Transport Azumah’s Recommended LBI Waiting Locations listed below.

They recommend that you wait at the following “LBI Locations” to minimize your chances of missing your trip. Sometimes it is hard for the driver to see passengers waiting on their Transport Vehicles with all the people around. To make a LBI Transportation Reservation From NY to LBI, Please Call 347-927-0750 for Transport Azumah Bus Service.