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The Holocaust

Remember The Holocaust – “I Will Not Forget”

Monday April 24, 2017 Holocaust Remembrance Day

1) “I Will Not Forget”

Note that in the Jewish calendar, a holiday begins on the sunset the previous day,
so observing Jews will celebrate “The Holocast Remembrance Day” on the sunset
of Sunday the 23rd of April.

2) What Is Days Of Remembrance?

The US Congress establised “Days of Remembrance” as the nation’s annual
commemoration of the Holocast and created the Unired States Holocast Memorial
Museaum as a permament living memorial to the victims. In accordance with its
Congressional mandate, the museum is responsible for leading the nation in
commemorating “Days of Remembrance” and for encouraging appropriate
observances throughout the United States.

3) Why Is This Event Being Held ?

The Darkness:  The unspeakable tragedy of the six million Holocaust victims and survivors…

The Light: The Christians that gave their wealth, health and in some instances their lives to rescue and aid Jewish people.

4) Why Should My Church Take Part In This Event ?

A large number of Jewish people believe that Christians hate them and would
do evil to them if given the opportunity. As the Church we must show them a
different story — that true Believers love and care for the Jewish people.

5) What is Yom HaShoah ?

Since the early 1950’s the nation of Israel has set aside one day a year to mourn
the six million Jewish people who perished in the Holocaust. It is a day of solemn